360 Degree Videos of Disney Favorites

At DAPs Magic we geek out easily over a couple of things: technology and Disney.  YouTube has recently allowed for a unique experience which is having 360 degree video to interact with through the YouTube app and Chrome browsers.  Disney has unique experiences that immerse guests in environments and stories.

If you’re like some of us at the site, we will miss these great Disney experiences and look for ways to satiate that longing.  Not replace it, mind you, but something to get us by before that next chance to ride the ride or watch the show.  To help anyone with that craving, we will be having videos from time to time with YouTube’s 360 degree technology.  You can view in almost any direction the attraction or experience you love.  We love to bring these things to readers of the site just as Disney brings the overwhelming and awesome experiences we all enjoy.

Nothing is going to come close to what we actually have when we step into the parks, but we hope this brings something to all who visit our site.  Below is the first example of such videos.  It will only work in Chrome web browsers on computers and YouTube apps on various mobile devices.  On the computer, you can use your mouse to drag within the video to “look around.”  On the app, you can either use your finger to move the video around, or just the device around and it will follow your movement.  Hopefully it will be a fun experience!


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