What Can Guests Look Forward to When Visiting Shanghai Disney Resort?

Shanghai Disney Resort has guests waiting at the edge of their seats. The resort which is set to open in spring of 2016, will bring forth many elements of Disney as well as Chinese culture. Just a few weeks ago, the top golden spire of castle was set in place, making it the tallest Disney Park castle in the world.

From unique lands, to themed hotels, new attractions, shows and entertainment, the resort will create memories to last a lifetime. As for what guests can fully expect, well we know for sure that not all the details have been released yet. But for now, there are plenty of things to keep our heart content.

The YouTube channel BON TV China – Blue Ocean Network, has a pretty impressive clip giving audiences a recap of the resort. It will have you begging make a trip to the park one day.

If you would like more information on Shanghai Disney Resort, be sure to stay tuned to DAPs Magic. Also, the Shanghai Disney Resort website is up and running. Their website can be found here.


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