Announced on Monday, Disney Consumer Products and Disney Interactive have joined together. The two groups, now one, are a new operating force titled Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media.

Varietystates that the both Leslie Ferraro and Jimmy Pitaro will run the division. Each has had a past with the separate sections.


This move was announced by Disney’s COO, Tom Staggs. Those speculate that with this notion being passed in his position, it is more likely that he will become the new CEO of the company once Bob Iger retires.

Staggs said in a statement, “Both Disney Interactive and Disney Consumer Products have a strong track record of connecting people to their favorite stories and characters. As technology and digital entertainment continue to evolve, a shared innovation strategy will enable this new segment to create unique and engaging products and experiences that exceed consumers’ expectations.”

In addition, he also noted, “The change will more effectively leverage Disney’s extensive licensing structure and retail relationships across both segments.”

With this new division set in place, there are many elements that the company can now advance in. Just recently, Disney Interactive announced their latest item, Playmation.

Stay tuned for more updates on the story.