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Stylish Comic Book Storage

Comic Book Storage - DAPs MurrayRecently I have worked on a small project of both sorting through old comics and finding a new way to store them.  The common way of storing comic books is to get boxes from a local comic book shop and throw them all in by whatever organization that seems fit.  It is a good way, and the storage option I used for a couple decades.  But, the boxes do take up space and aren’t too stylish.  I wanted a way that was both nice to look at and easy to keep around.

I thought about magazine files since it would provide a shelf option.  I had several bookshelves already, so this seemed to work with those.  Ikea had some great and cheap options for the magazine files.  Next was how to make it so I knew which folder I was pulling out.  For this, I used full sheet shipping labels that I could print out.  I wanted a visual label that both contained certain titles and would be colorful to look at.  Basically, instead of using a label that has just a letter on it, like “A”, I represented the contained issues by the comic covers.  The Internet has a plethora of these comic covers, so it wasn’t hard to find them.  The type of labels I used were Avery White Shipping Labels InkJet 8165.  That’s as specific as I could be with that.

I measured the dimensions of where I wanted the labels and made them accordingly on the computer.  Once printed I cut them out and stuck them on.  It was nice and easy.  Some of the comics seemed flimsy within the folders, so I stuck comic backing boards at both ends to keep them all together.

Comic Book Storage - DAPs MurrayI’m quite pleased with the result as it’s easier to pull out the comics I’m looking for and put them back nicely.  No more pulling out a whole box, it’s just a simple folder now.  And, as I pass by, it’s entertaining to stare at shelves of comics titles.


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    How many do each hold around please great idea

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