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Richard Sherman’s “A Kiss Goodnight” in ‘Disneyland Forever’ to Pay Tribute to Walt Disney

In Disneyland Park’s new firework show, ‘Disneyland Forever,’ be ready for a fully immersive experience. And when I say immersive, I mean you can pretty much enjoy the fireworks from anywhere in the park.

Projections will be queued and will be visible on Main Street, U.S.A., the Rivers of America, “it’s a small world” and the Matterhorn. Guests will be transported into a whole new world. Disney classics such as Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, Finding Nemo and more will all lead you on a magical adventure during the fireworks.

To make things a bit more exciting, Richard Sherman’s “A Kiss Goodnight” song will close out the show. Performed by Broadway’s very own Ashley Brown, this song will pay tribute to Walt Disney.

Richard and Ashley shared their thoughts on the upcoming Diamond Celebration in the clip below. Be sure to check it out.

Just hearing a brief part of the song has made me emotional.

‘Disneyland Forever’ debuts on May 22.

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