Which Sense Is Strongest At Disney Parks?

SightsSoundsThe Disney Parks are great for the senses of a person.  The theme parks are known for great smells and taste of food, and notorious odors of rides.  There are sounds galore, whether it’s music from a parade or the background noise of the windows on Main Street.  Then there’s sight.  It’s been known that the biggest icons of the parks are not just to direct traffic, but our eyesight as well.  There can even be tactile quality of ride vehicles or the fur of a character.  Disney has created a playground of the senses.

But, what is most memorable for a person?  Is there something that stands out the most for us?

For a long time, if I want to virtually transport myself to the parks I would view pictures or video and try to think of the….smells!  And, it wasn’t food smells I would think of.  Ride smells were what would be produced.  Star Tours has a distinct smell with the transports that reminded me of the futuristic attraction.  Pirates of the Caribbean’s water was something that would give me great memories.  Now I know that these are chemicals and hydraulic fluid.  But, it’s the combination of the experience and the smell that gives me a smile.

What is it for you?  The taste of food?  The sound of a train?  Which sensory experience can take you back to the magical places of Disney?