Is a Third 'Tron' Film in the Works?

A third ‘Tron’ in the works? That is what it looks like according to Slashfilm online. The website reports that the film is set to begin production this fall in Vancouver. Though there are no major announcements from Disney, there are a few things flying around social media saying this film will happen.


The film is said to begin filming during the month of October and so far, Garrett Hedlund will return to reprise his role from ‘Tron: Legacy.’ In addition, it appears that Joseph Kosinski will return as director. Though this has yet to be confirmed from Disney.

Also, music currently being produced for a ‘Tron’ video game with Skrillex. There is much speculation as to if this could possibly transpire to the new film or if it is indeed for the new film.

With reports on Twitter and Reddit, it appears fans are ready for a new ‘Tron’ film.

What are your thoughts on a third ‘Tron?’ Stay tuned for further details on this story.


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