MyMagic+ Coming To Disneyland

Special Star Wars Weekend Magic Band
Special Star Wars Weekend Magic Band

Tom Staggs seemed to tell Orlando Sentinel that the MyMagic+ system that has been implemented in Walt Disney World will come to Disneyland.  The system includes Magic Bands that act as room keys, park tickets, and even a payment system in the Florida resort.  Guests receive the band when they make reservations for a vacation.  Although the bands are optional, it does help to streamline the experience at the resort.  Along with the bands are other parts of the system like FastPass+, which lets guests reserve FastPasses right after booking their reservations.  Annual Passholders can also use the bands and the FastPass+ system.  Another element is fast check-in to Disney hotels, where notifications are sent to smartphones and guests can go straight to their room after arriving.

Though Staggs indicated the MyMagic+ program will not be an exact copy of Walt Disney World’s, it’s probably safe to assume things like the bands and FastPass+ will make its way here.  Also said in the Sentinel article is Staggs indication that the system is still evolving and although it’s been implemented at the Florida resort it is still in a study stage.  Disney wants to keep adding and tweaking to give great guest experiences.

Magic Band with bling
Magic Band with bling

Probably the biggest concern is to Annual Passholders at Disneyland who rely on spontaneity on visits and FastPasses.  Having visited Walt Disney World this last summer I can say that I have wished Disneyland had MyMagic+ ever since visiting there.  I did plan out my itinerary months before the visit, but was able to still be spontaneous during vacation.  I would sometimes switch up my whole FastPass itinerary the night before.  Granted, that’s not as spontaneous as some would like, but at times I was able to switch up rides during the day (though not the very popular ones).  After the initial 3 are used, guests can check at kiosks to see what other attractions with times are available.  Passes were available fairly late in the day, and that was a nice feature.  Another great feature is if an attraction goes down during the FastPass return time, a “wild card” Pass is given instead.

Having the bands as easy tickets, room key, and FastPass made the whole theme park experience the most pleasant I’ve had in years.  The bands are customizable, and even special ones would interact with the devices that read them at attractions and main gates.  I’m looking forward to having this system at the Disneyland Resort!  I’ve highly anticipated it ever since last summer.  It was the one thing that I thought of most since visiting.  Not a single attraction or show resonated quite as much as this great experience for me.

Below are links to the Orlando Sentinel article, OC Register’s reporting of it, and my experience with the My Magic+ vacation.

Orlando Sentinel

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My Magic+ Experience

9 thoughts on “MyMagic+ Coming To Disneyland”

  1. It was inevitable that this would soon make its way to the Disneyland Resort. Though I do find this resort to be a bit small for this type of system. That being said, I think it would be great and very beneficial to those that do not visit often. Being on a vacation and pretty much having everything planned out can be a good thing. Not to mention a huge stress relief. It looked like it worked well when you went to Walt Disney World. Looking forward to hearing more from Disney on this topic. Great article!

  2. Not even the least bit happy with this. Not all of us want to have our lives planned to the nanosecond. This reeks of the over scheduled childhood that our kids are now enduring.

    1. Murray the Bellhop

      If it helps alleviate some stress, there’s no planning required. I kept switching FastPass times even after entering the park. It’s not that different from going in and seeing what times are available, only you don’t even have to walk to the attraction to find out! But, stand by times at Disney World stay pretty standard, and it’s still easy to get into shows there. I think the myth is that an average trip has to be planned out with the system, but it’s all optional.

  3. But when did you go? Was it busy or not? All my AP friends at WDW absolutely abhor FastPass+. Many of them have to book what they really want far in advance and, have found themselves out of luck during busier times. Also, the FastPass+ system there has resulted in longer lines than before. I’m just not looking forward to it if they keep it the same as WDW, especially if they keep to 3 fastpasses for ONE Park. Who goes to only one Park here on a given day? I don’t. I always zip zag between the two.

    1. Murray the Bellhop

      I went during the summer, one of the busiest times of the year. The only attraction I wasn’t able to get the day of was Seven Dwarves Mine Train. I don’t know if that was because I was a vacationer. Also, this is not going to be a carbon copy, even according to the articles. And, as an AP for Disneyland, on busy days it’s hard for me to get a FastPass within Disneyland and DCA anyway. My feeling is people aren’t seeing that there are problems like that already existing for AP’s still. It makes sense that at WDW it’s the same case. The other problem is that, as an AP, I get in the way of the vacationer. And, to be honest, I don’t really want to. They aren’t experiencing the park the same way I do, and I can go on a ride I want to on a non-busy time with no problem.

      1. I get what you’re saying, but I still like the option of being able to ride something without making prior arrangements… Even if the night before. Just today, I spontaneously decided to ride something. And, I always go to the park early, so, I can almost always get a fastpass already for what I want. I’m interested to see how they would adjust it for Disneyland, but I still can’t say I’m extremely excited about it. But, without first hand experience, I’ll reserve judgement.

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