This week, Variety online reported Walt Disney CEO, Bob Iger, earned $46.5 million in 2014. With an increase of 35.5% from last year, earnings were from a combination of stocks, salary and “other forms of compensation” according to the article.


These numbers were given in a statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In total of salary, Iger was paid $2.5 million and $8.9 million in award stocks. He also received “$8.3 million in option awards, $22.8 million in non-equity incentives, an additional $2.8 million to his pension, and $1.1 million in other forms of compensation, including $391,411 for personal air travel and $614,582 for a security detail,” according to Variety.

The article goes on to say that the increase in profit was due to the continuing success of Disney’s animated film “Frozen.” In addition, the evolving franchise of Marvel films, future outlook of the upcoming “Star Wars,” Shanghai Disney Resort progression, MyMagic+ at the Walt Disney World Resort and more have all contributed to increased success from the company in the year.

As for a whole, the Walt Disney Company earn $48.8 billion in sales during the 2014 fiscal year. Stocks rose up 38% in the year.

This comment was issued in the proxy statement, “The board believes the growth in operating income represented by the targeted level will benefit shareholders through meaningful growth in shareholder value. Structured compensation so that over 90% of the CEO’s target compensation is contingent on the company’s financial results and the performance of Disney stock.”

Iger is said to retire in June of 2018. No successor has been named yet.