Cloth Diapering At Disney

Since the moment I found out I was pregnant, one of the few things I was sure I was going to do was cloth diaper my son (and all future kids). I am a total cheapskate (thanks mom) and I was not about to be paying a bazillion dollars every week for diapers and wipes and butt cream. Cloth diapering is still to this day the smartest thing I have ever done for Geek Baby.

So, when it came time spend a full day at Disney with my 7 month little, I wanted to keep up my streak of never putting him in disposable diapers. It was actually easier than I thought.

Here is what we packed:

  • 2 extra covers (in case the one he was wearing got too messy)
  • 12 inserts (double what we normally need for a day)
  • Wipe warmer with all his cloth wipes in it
  • Travel wet bag

Thats it! It was that easy. We put it all in a backpack; wipe warmer at the bottom, covers rolled up on the side, the inserts stacked on top and the travel wet bag on the very top. As I talked about in my blog about going to Disney with a baby, the changing stations at Disney are awesome and roomy. Once I strapped little man onto the table, there was plenty of room to pull everything I needed out of the backpack.

disney changing table

Now, I packed the whole wipe warmer. Why? Because it fold my wipes so they can pull out of the warmer like normal store-bought wipes and I also get them wet (with a little help from Baby Bites Wipe Solution) ahead of time. No, they were not warm but I had plenty to use while at Disney. Some people have the spray bottle with dry wipes, which would also work. I would just make sure the spray bottle has an on/off switch.

When at home we have a sprayer on our toilet for dealing with messy number two’s, but at Disney not so much. I am also not one of those ladies that can handle the wash in the toilet maneuver, especially when I am juggling a wiggly baby and all his gear in the ladies room. I have actually been really fortunate to not have many messy diapers and the majority of the time his poop plopps right off the diaper into the toilet. So, when that inevitable moment came, I just walked into a stall, plopped it into the toilet, flushed and placed it in the wet bag.

However, in the event of a messy diaper or worse, a blowout situation, the Baby Care Center at Disney has a cool station with a sink and ‘toilet’. I put toilet in air quotes, because it is like this weird urinal hybrid thing for flushy baby mess. There is also a sink for rinsing anything your baby needs rinsed.

It really was easy and only a little more work than I normally have to do when I am out and about with geek baby and he needs a change. The only difference was having a full bag of messy diapers I had to carry around all day and carrying so much everything around in the backpack.

So, cloth diaper mamas, no need to stress about your little getting a chemical burn or adding an extra expense to your trip by getting disposable diapers. Cloth diapering for a day at Disney is easy and doable.

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