Boudin Bakery Tour Returns to Disney California Adventure

Fans of sourdough bread will be happy to hear that the Boudin Bakery Tour has reopened at Disney California Adventure. With a mix of old and new, the tour is now themed more in line with an older time period with an older panel truck in front and some other theming details that take guests back in time nearly a century.

The tour still begins with a free sample of sourdough bread as guests enter the building. A shortened introduction featuring Rosie O’Donnell and Colin Mochrie officially begins the tour. These two television stars give a brief overview of what sourdough bread is and how it is made.

Once inside the Bakery itself, a new quiz activity is informational and kind of fun. Guests also now get a much more visually appealing view of the bakery along with how the bread is baked. Towards the exit of the bakery, tables have also been added near the restaurant portion of the building. A new wall of fame features some of the history and notable people associated with the Boudin Bakery.

What do you think of the updated tour? Have you experienced it yet? Do you find the sourdough bread as addicting as I do?

Make it a GREAT day!

  • Mr. DAPs


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