Surviving Christmas! – Geeks Corner – Episode 411

Surviving Christmas! - Geeks Corner - Episode 411Welcome to our Surviving Christmas edition of Geeks Corner! This week we are joined by Amanda of Amanda Jane Designs to help us survive the holiday season.

First off, a few tips for surviving Christmas at Disneyland…

  • Plan
  • Fastpasses
  • Patience
  • Eat at off peak hours.
  • Arrive Early, Stay Late

Where to see Santa Claus in the Parks:

  • Disneyland – Jingle Jangle Jamboree
  • Disney California Adventure – Elias and Company on Buena Vista Street
  • Disneyland Parade Route – A Christmas Fantasy Parade

Surviving Christmas at Christmas Parties…

Dressing for Christmas Tips from Amanda Jane Designs

  • Amanda shares about her outfit and how to dress cute and festively for Christmas and Christmas parties without breaking the bank.

Tips for Surviving Christmas Parties

  • RSVP in a clear and timely fashion.
  • Bring a Gift
  • Don’t regift, you’ll get caught.
  • Don’t Be Early
  • For Everything, Give Thanks (thank the host when you leave, when you eat, and for anything else they might do for you)
  • Don’t Touch Buttons (stereo, tv, or anything else. That’s the host’s privilege)
  • Mingle!
  • Eat when served.
  • Volunteer to help clean (And if you make a mess, tell the host quickly and help clean it up.)
  • Don’t be the last to leave.

The Need to Know Christmas Movie Trivia Challenge. See how you do and play along as Mr. DAPs quizzes Johnny 5 and Amanda.

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Let’s go to the corner!

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