All in a Moment – the End of Mad T Party

All in a Moment - the End of Mad T Party
All in a Moment – the End of Mad T Party

One of the things I love so much about photography is the capturing of moments. I could write on and on and on about something and still not capture the emotion of an event. However, I could attend the same event and capture a quick photo (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not) that captures and conveys the moment completely. This photo is an example of this I feel like. It was time for the Mad T Party to say goodbye to Disney California Adventure to make way for a new Frozen experience.  The future was/is unknown. What is known is that this run of the Mad T Party was ending. The evening was full of joy and sadness. The band and all the performers said goodbye with in credible grace and poise. There are hopes for a return but no promises.

This moment was captured towards the end of the night during the last Mad T Party band set. Through the last week I have found myself returning to this shot. It is a shot that makes me think. I wonder who is comforting who. What are they thinking? What are the exact emotions that are churning during the moment? There is clearly a sense of camaraderie and family within the band and that is part of what made Mad T Party so endearing to guests. I will admit, Mad T Party wasn’t exactly my cup of tea (sorry for the pun but I had to). However, I did really enjoy the band a lot. It reminded me of my younger days playing keyboard in bands. It’s one of the best experiences in the world. Watching this band on Sunday nights would spark my imagination and ignite those memories of “the good old days.”

Now the Mad T Party goes into the category of “the good old days” (for some) and we are left with a few photos and videos and a lot of memories. Disneyland will always be changing and things that are loved will make way for new things to be loved. As the changes happen we have to remember to not be sad that things are disappearing but instead be glad that they were even there. So as we say goodbye to Mad T Party (at least for now but no promises for the future) it’s time to be thankful for what it was and look forward to new adventures to come.

Make it a GREAT day!

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Video of last Mad T Party set:

Last Mad T Party – Disney California Adventure by dapsmagic

Podcast of last Mad T Party set (dapscast): 


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