DC Comics Movie News and Flash Vs. Arrow

DC small and big screen media has been busy recently.  An event on CW has two super heroes pitted against each other for two nights, while some big movie news has popped up.  Here’s the scoop on both.

flashvsarrowjpg-e14ea2_1280wFlash Vs. Arrow

DC shows are showing the great potential at true crossovers on the small screen. “Flash Vs. Arrow” was about having Oliver Queen come to Central City to assist the Flash in some cases. It turned out to be a who can outdo who between the friends. The episode harkened back to old DC Comics crossovers between friendly heroes. I know the next episode of Arrow will be “The Brave and the Bold” and that is a direct allegory to the former DC print series.
Brave and the Bold had super hero team ups. Among the most famous was Flash and Green Lantern, where Hal Jordan/Green Lantern teamed with Barry Allen/Flash on several occasions. The result was the two becoming best friends.
In television series, it seems that Oliver Queen/Arrow and Barry Allen/Flash are becoming greater and greater friends. Different than the comic series, this still shows how great linking the two shows can be. We see many allusions to comic book references: Captain Boomerang, Rainbow Raider, Connor Hawke, Heat Wave, among other things. The episode also showed Queen’s place in this fast growing metahuman world.
The whole thing was fun and showed off each character’s personality well. It expands the DC show universe well, and feels like a comic book come to life. I haven’t felt that way about a screen team up since The Avengers on the big screen. It’s the way comics should be in live action. It definitely shows where both series are headed: an expanding, fun, exciting universe with a lot of potential.

The comic version of Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

Over with big screen announcements is Suicide Squad’s cast announcement. Jared Leto is The Joker. Will Smith is Deadshot. Tom Hardy is Rick Flag. Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn. Jai Courtney is Boomerang. Cara Delevingne is Enchantress.
What is Suicide Squad? It’s a team of super villains given a chance to redeem themselves by going on extremely dangerous missions. Headed by DC big shot Amanda Waller, the team has had a rotating roster and problems within the team.
The two most interesting roles are Deadshot and Joker. First, Joker wasn’t a member of the Suicide Squad in the comics. His gal pal Harley Quinn was. Whether Joker will be a member or even the villain is to be seen. But, he’s always an intriguing character. It will be interesting to see how his personality sans Batman will be.
The other interesting personality is Will Smith as Deadshot. He is definitely going to get star billing for the film. Jared Leto as the Joker does have some weight to his role, but Will Smith is the more known actor and will probably carry the film. But, Deadshot is not a known guy as much as the Joker. He’s gotten screen time on Arrow, but for those not watching, he’s very unknown. It does beg the question why Deadshot as the prime character when there’s the Joker? Maybe I’m wrong. It’s not too known when there’s not a lot released on this movie other than the casting credits.
I’m looking forward to the film. No news on if this fits in with the other DC super hero flicks that will be released. Still, it’s one of DC’s finest franchises. I’d imagine the film to be great with this cast and the idea.