Amanda Jane Designs: The Magic of Friendship

If you have been tuning in to Dapsmagic over the last few weeks, we have been raving about the magical designs of Amanda Jane! She is so talented and such a sweet person too!

In case you missed her, I interviewed her a few weeks ago about her process and popular designs, you can check it out here -> Jewelry for the Disney Fan

She was also able to stop by the Daps Studios and be a guest on Geeks Corner to show off some special items!


After interviewing Amanda and talking a little bit about how her most favorite part of her Jewelry line is when she gets to create custom pieces, I decided to ask her help designing a matching set of necklaces for one of my very good friends.  Amanda was more than happy to help!

I sent over some pictures and some thoughts on what I was invisioning, we talked chain length, color choices, charm options… so much fun! We were both excited to see the final product.  After finalizing all the details, I waited to hear back from her on any last minute decisions or questions.  Little did I know that Amanda and Mr Daps had something up their sleeves!

I was very excited to be able to come guest on Geeks Corner the week after and Mr. Daps casually mentioned that I could plug the article I wrote for Amanda and talk a little bit more about her designs.  “Sure!’, was my reply.  I was more than happy to!  We started filming, Mr. Daps segued into the topic and then pulled out a pink envelope from Amanda with my name on it! It was the necklaces!  I was SO surprised! And it was the best thing ever.  You can check out my reaction in last weeks video.


The funny twist of their surprise is that I had planned the necklaces to ALSO be a secret surprise! haha! I couldn’t say what they were on the show because I didn’t want word to get back to my friend, but I promised I would share once she opened the gift.  And she did last night!

A little bit of backstory:

I recently finished up a month long production of the Neil Sedaka musical called “Breaking Up is Hard To Do” and my friend was cast as my onstage BFF.  It was one of the sweetest times of my life, being able to share that experience with a best friend, playing best friends. Not to mention portraying characters who so close represented our own personalities.  I will be relocating from the area and moving away from both her and the Theatre Company in 3 weeks.  This was the last time we’ll be side by side on stage. I wanted to commemorate the show and our friendship somehow.  Amanda was a blessing in that department.

We designed the necklaces to feature our real life friendship and the show we loved.  Amanda hand stamped the lyrics to the song “My Friend”, which we sang together at the end of the 2nd act.  A song that holds a very special meaning to us and one we could barely get through each night without crying. (Closing night, we didn’t. LOL) It talks about sticking together no matter what the circumstances.  She split the lyrics up so my friend has the final line I sang to her and I have the final line she sang to me. Then she found a “pinky promise” charm, a special symbol we used during the song. We even drew open hearts on our pinkies in the final performance!  And lastly, Amanda helped me chose charms representing our Disney Princesses; Ariel for me, Pocahontas for her. We always laugh at how we’re the “Surf & Turf Duo”. It was the perfect mash-up!

My Friend necklaces 2

We will both be forever grateful to Amanda for such a special gift. Something that will continue to connect us after I move.   There were definitely tears when we finally put them on together! I don’t know anything else I could have chosen that could represent us so well.


If you’re interested in having Amanda custom create something for you, DO IT! Today (Dec. 5th) is the LAST day for Christmas orders so contact her ASAP via Facebook, Etsy, or Instagram!



Amanda, I know I have thanked you a bajillion times already, but seriously, girl.  YOU ARE AMAZING.  I can’t wait to meet you in person and hug your neck! You’ve given us both an unforgettable gift. (… and I’m totally welling up with tears as I type this!)  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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  1. What a great story! Amanda is great. You are great. Everything is great! :)

    1. Annie Hobbs Avatar
      Annie Hobbs

      Hahaha Thanks for being a part of it Mr. Daps!

      1. Was my pleasure!

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