Star Wars Rebels: Out of Darkness (S1E6) – Review


After a week-long hiatus Star Wars Rebels is back and it’s a long awaited girls night out. First let’s catch up on what happened in Out of Darkness.


Our episode opens with Hera, Sabine, and Ezra attempting to outrun TIE-fighter tails in the Phantom after an assault on an Imperial convoy. The group manages to survive the attack with minimal damage to steering and the fuel line.

Back on the Ghost Zeb and Ezra attempt to repair the damages to the Phantom only to get into another fight among themselves and Chopper, leaving the damaged fuel line unchecked.

When Hera goes to leave (not knowing the Phantom is still damaged) to meet with their contact Fulcrum that had supplied the convoy mission Sabine insists on going and meeting the mysterious giver of Intel siting that she feels that the two don’t trust her, which Hera quickly dismisses, reminding her that the Imperials have ways of making anyone talk and that Sabine can’t reveal what she doesn’t know. This is not a good enough explanation for Sabine.

While bickering Sabine and Hera notice that some of the crates in the abandoned base have been dragged away and are confronted with a large group of monsters intent on making the girls their next meal. After discovering the fuel leak and realizing the crew of the Ghost will not arrive in time to save them, the two girls set aside their difference to devise a plan to outlast the monsters, known as frynocks, long enough for Kanan and the gang to get to them.

Upon rescue Hera and Sabine leave the abandoned base unharmed and with a new understanding of the other and a mutual trust.

My Two Cents

Another stellar episode made awkward by continuity issues, after all, we had just spent time with Imperial cadet Jai who escaped on the Ghost with the crew and lo and behold he is know where to be seen in this episode. Which for me is really a pity as I was really excited to see how the insertion of his character played out. Sure, maybe he was just sitting in his bunk the whole time learning to juggle or something but it was really a disappointment.

This being said, Out of Darkness is a great episode and I am so happy to see an episode centered on the females of the crew and not Ezra. I love that both female characters are opposite and dynamic. Hera is a warm mature and often times motherly presence with overwhelming patience and the more headstrong Sabine showing the impetuous nature of youth. Yet, the most important quality shared between the girls is there diplomatic ability to set aside their problems and come together to solve common problems with clear and reasonable heads. Which is wonderful lesson that could be learned by all. Compared to the chaotic, physical, and often times annoying bickering of the boys on the Ghost, the ladies are the picture of maturity and poise.

Speaking of the boys, well, they haven’t really grown much as people in this episode have they? Which is fine but the childish and now even dangerous bickering between Ezra, Zeb, and Chopper is getting old. Hopefully this will be the wakeup call to learn how to better handle their disagreements.

It is also clear that Ezra’s crush on Sabine is still intact and that she still sees him as a child (and given his behavior can you blame her). So, I am expecting that to go somewhere.

My lasting thoughts on the episode are that this was a great and solid episode. We finally got a clear look at the female dynamic of the crew and it was long overdue. I am excited for next week and hope that maybe we learn a little more about Jai’s fate (as well, that is still rather bugging me).


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  1. It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through the season pretty much. I’m curious to see what they are building towards. Completely agree with you, was a strong episode and the bickering got old. For the most part though, this show keeps getting better and better!

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