Marvel's Secret Wars Revealed

Marvel_Everything_Ends_2015There’s one big step closer to finding out what the summer of 2015 will bring to Marvel Comics.  In an epic fashion, Marvel released a trailer showing Battleworld formed from the covers of the teasers that have been released the last few weeks.

Battleworld is from the original Secret Wars, which was a big saga of heroes and villains fighting to have their desires met.  An alien entity grabs several characters and transports them to Battleworld with a promise to have the survivors have all they want.  In the original, several new developments came out of the mini-series.  Venom has his origins in this battle.  One of the Spider Woman…Women?…is created.  It was a huge mark in Marvel history.

This trailer pits alternate reality characters against the main universe group.  What this means now for our heroes and villains is still to be seen.  The ending seems to elude to a revamp of the Marvel Universe.  I’m hoping it’s not what I spoke of in a previous post, that they’d totally reboot the Marvel Universe.  Things are not really pointing to it, but I’d imagine many status quos will change.

If you wonder how it could be happening, many allusions to it have been in the comics since before the Age of Ultron crossover a couple of years ago.  There’s been too many tears in space and time that worlds will be colliding.  Perhaps this is a battle for one to survive.

Check out the teaser below, and until next time, have a Marvel-ous day!