Spooky Shorts- Trick or Treat

trick or treatWelcome to day 2 of my Spooky Shorts blog series! Today I will be featuring another one of my favorites: Trick or Treat! This particular cartoon features Donald Duck, Huey, Duey, Louie and Witch Hazel. It should also be noted that this cartoon carries the distinction of being my all time favorite Donald Duck cartoon (even though Daisy isn’t in it).

trickortreat05The short opens with Witch Hazel zooming around on her broom and getting spooked by Huey, Duey and Louie. The boys are out trick-or-treating and decided to stop at Uncle Donald’s house. As usual Donald decides to go the mischievous route and instead of giving the boys candy he puts firecrackers in the boys bags. This not only blows their bags up but it also scares Witch Hazel’s broom (which has a horse like personality). To add insult to injury Donald dumps a bucket of water on the boys as well. Witch Hazel notices the boys looking glum on the street curb and goes to confront Donald, who thinks Hazel is the boys trying to fool him. In one of his more unintelligent moves, Donald grabs her nose and dumps another bucket of water on her.

Witch Hazel then enlists the boys to get even with Donald. A Klingon proverb states that, “Revenge is a dish best served cold” and boy do they get revenge! Donald deserves everything he gets! This revenge even has a catchy song! In the end Hazel helps the boys each get a full sack of goodies and all is right with the trickortreat06world (at least for the remainder of this short).

I have always enjoyed this cartoon. Much like Lonesome Ghosts, I wish there was more merchandising with it. There were cast pin sets and pin with purchase pins released that were based off of this short but I have not really seen anything else. Please Disney make more pins or vinylmations or anything collectible based off of these shorts! Stay tuned for Thursday’s Spooky Shorts blog!

Have a Magical Day!



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