Spooky Shorts- Skeleton Dance


Well it’s a little over halfway through the week and time for Day 3 of my Spooky Shorts blog series! Today we will be covering Skeleton Dance! Skeleton Dance was one of the first Silly Symphonies. It was released in 1929, which makes it one of the oldest Disney Spooky Shorts! It is also one of the only Spooky Shorts I will be discussing that has no major Disney character in it!

skeleton_dance_00The cartoon takes place in a spooky moonlit graveyard. It has all the common characters of a graveyard, owl, spider, bats, black cats, and dancing skeletons. Wait, you are asking yourself now, “did she say dancing skeletons?” and the answer is yes! Well it very well couldn’t be called Skeleton Dance if they weren’t dancing now could it?

The skeletons dance around the graveyard in some very interesting ways. They also use each other as xylophones. They are interrupted by the rooster crowing letting them know their skeleton dance must come to an end!

This is a fairly short cartoon and somewhat abruptly ends. However, it is amusing and greatskeleton_dance_01_733 for a good 5 minute break. It’s also featured on the beginning of Disney’s Halloween Treat television special (keep an eye open in the next week or so for the blog on this!). I hope you enjoy this little piece of Disney history!

Have a Magical Day!