Spooky Shorts- Runaway Brain


It’s almost Halloween, you know what that means? It’s once again time for more Spooky Shorts! This week I will share more shorts from various Disney works, from Mickey Mouse to Cars. This week’s first Spooky Short is Runaway Brain!

Mickey playing video gamesRunaway Brain was released in 1995 attached to A Kid in King Arthurs Court and was rereleased with a few other movies. Runaway Brain was the last Mickey Mouse cartoon to be nominated for an Academy Award. It also happens to be one of my favorite animated shorts as it mixes elements from classic scary movies with Disney, my two favorite things.

The story starts off with Mickey lost in the world of videos games. In his immersion into the video game, he forgets that it is Minnie and his anniversary. In an attempt to convince Minnie that he hasn’t forgotten the very important day, Mickey Mouse ends up inadvertently promising to take her to Hawaii. Realizing his mistake and after being shown runaway brainthe classifieds by Pluto, he applies for a job as lab assistant to Dr. Frankenollie (A tribute to animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston). The evil Dr. Frankenollie (voiced by Kelsy Grammar) wants to switch Mickey’s brain with his creation Julius’ brain. He does so successfully but disintegrates in the process. Now it is up to Mickey to get to Minnie before Julius does and switch back their brains!

This is definitely a fun short! I wish they would make more animated shorts like this! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Spooky Short, Donald’s Halloween Scare!

Have a Magical Day!