Spooky Shorts- Donald's Halloween Scare


Greetings readers! Welcome to this today’s Spooky Short! Today, I will be writing about Donald’s Halloween Scare. This cartoon is one of the intromore recent cartoons I’ll be writing about this month. It was released in 2000 on Disney’s House of Mouse.

The cartoon starts off with Huey, Dewey, and Louie trick or treating. They bump into Minnie, Mickey and Goofy (who seems to be a little confused about his holidays). While Mickey and Minnie are somewhat scary, the boys have no idea what they are in store for!

They come to the last house which is of course their Uncle Donald’s house. They peek in and see what they think is him sleeping. What they don’t know is that he is dressed up in a costume to Zombiesscare them and steal their candy. He does this and like most of the cartoons in which Donald steals from the boys, they figure it out and decide to exact their revenge.

I won’t tell you exactly how the cartoon ends, but let’s just say that Goofy gets the last laugh, in more ways than one! I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s Spooky Short! Tomorrow’s short comes to us from the world of Cars. I will be writing about Mater and the Ghost Light!

Have a Magical Day!