Spooky Shorts- Mater and the Ghostlight


Welcome back boys and ghouls! Welcome today’s Spooky Shorts! Today’s blog takes us to the world of Cars, it’s Mater and the Ghostlight! This is another more recent animated short, much like Donald’s Halloween Scare. Mater and the Ghostlight was released in 2006scaring Luigi and Guido as a bonus feature on the Cars dvd. I rather liked it, so here it is!

Mater and the Ghostlight starts with Mater playing pranks on just about everyone in Radiator Springs. After scaring Lightning McQueen at Flo’s, the Sheriff tells the story of the Ghostlight. The Sheriff is also sure to mention that Ghostlightthe Ghostlight is particularly set off by clanky metal which terrifies Mater.

Mater heads home all alone in the dark. After scaring himself needlessly a couple times, he settles into his garage, still nervous. All of a sudden, the Ghostlight appears! Mater takes of screaming and the audience is shown the truth about the Ghostlight.

This is a fun little short and definitely worth adding to your Halloween viewing. Tomorrow’s Spooky Short will be The Old Mill. There is only a little over a week until Halloween so stay tuned for lots of great stuff in the next week on DAPs Magic!

Have a Magical Day!


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