Spooky Shorts- Lonesome Ghosts

lonesome ghosts

About a week back I blogged about Ichabod since it’s my favorite month, October! It got me thinking about all of the Halloween-esqe Disney animation. I figured I’d write about another animated short with a spooky/Halloween theme, Lonesome Ghosts! This is probably my all time favorite animated short. It features Mickey, Donald and Goofy as ghost hunters!

mdglgIt starts when some ghosts get bored and find Mickey, Donald and Goofy’s ghost chasing agency in the newspaper. They call pretending to be a homeowner who has a ghost problem. Shocked at having a customer Mickey, Donald, and Goofy rush over to the house! Each have a different experience with the ghosts all culminating to a very funny ending!

I love the ghosts in this cartoon! The look and their personality are so funny! I even have the Lonesome Ghost vinylmation due to some lucky trading! I also have the Lonesome lonesomeghostsGhosts Goofy pin released a few years back. I really wish they would do more merchandising based off of the old school cartoons! Disneyland had a Lonesome Ghosts t-shirt but it was kids sizing only. Needless to say I was very disappointed about that! Stay tuned as I share more of my spooky shorts!

Have a Magical Day!