Netflix's Daredevil Update

matt_murdockOut of the New York Comic Con has come many interesting news items. One Marvel bit of news is more about the upcoming Netflix series of Daredevil.

A lot was revealed to show what this series is taking shape around. Daredevil isn’t the hero we’ve seen in many comic book movies. It’s a great take on the way he goes in the comics. Daredevil and his secret identity, Matt Murdock, has always been someone about the people. He’s in an area of New York that is overrun by corruption and crime. He wants to protect people and would go to almost any length for their protection. It’s what makes him a hero, but a questionable one.

This series will be “dark.” Meaning, think Arrow or Batman Begins series. It also means that a lot of the characters will be more than meets the eye. Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, will be the main antagonist. One character, Claire Temple, has been someone that has crossed paths with other Marvel characters…a couple will be in other Netflix series.

Will these series connect to the main Marvel Cinematic Universe? It’s not clear yet, but it’s not out of the question. It was hinted that all things are connected (as far as what’s actual Marvel Studios property).

daredevilThe costume will not be reminiscent of the Ben Affleck film. Instead, it will be taken from a special Daredevil series, Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. It’s a very dark costume with eye covered mask. Wait, why are his eyes covered?? Daredevil is blind, but has enhanced senses because of a chemical accident from when he was a child.

The series seems to follow the comics well. There are family issues Matt Murdock will deal with. Many of the supporting characters are the same in the comics. It deals with morality in the inner city.

In all it’s just sounding like a top notch series. Daredevil is a great character to tackle, but hard to get right at times. He’s a lawyer by day, which there are many shows that cover this genre. But, he’s a super hero by night, and that’s getting covered too. But, Matt Murdock is a people’s man. He’s in the trenches with them and fights for them, but side by side with them. It seems like this series is going to be about that. It’s unique and deals with things the super hero genre hasn’t tackled yet.

Out of all the series picked up by Netflix, this was one that I was concerned about. Were they going to get it right? From images and notes from the panel it seems like Marvel and Netflix are making a great show. For one thing, I’ve liked the comic costume, but it can be a little odd to have on any screen. The path they’re going with Daredevil’s look is spot on with comics and for media audiences. Also, there’s no reference to the failed movie. Besides costume, the show sounds like they want to make it unique from the other series and even movies. It’s not something to tackle in one take, but really develop characters over time.

I know I will be losing some hours watching the shows. How about you?

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  1. Not entirely sure how I feel about this show. Seeing as how I’m not a huge Daredevil fan I’ll likely give it a shot but only once I’m caught up on everything else.

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