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Happy Friday everyone! We are on the 4th day of my Spooky Shorts series and sadly almost done! Tonight we are covering a different type of Spooky Short, whereas the other 3 have been somewhat supernatural this one is creature spooky! Tonight’s short is Donald and the Gorilla. As I previously mentioned, I love Donald Duck! This is probably my 2nd favorite Donald cartoon.

dgThe cartoon starts on a dark rainy night (I know, cliché right?) with Donald, Huey, Duey, and Louie sitting around the radio listening to an announcement that warns of Ajax the gorilla escaping the zoo. Seeing that the boys are scared and being himself Donald decides to scare them by grabbing his furry gloves, turning out the light and sneaking up behind them! Once they realize it’s him they decide to get even (are we noticing a trend?) and dress up like the gorilla and scare him.

After successfully scaring him, the 4 realize that the real Ajax is in the house! Donald initially thinks Ajax is the boys and makes the mistake of coming face to face with him! The dg2cartoon progresses with Donald and the boys pursuing Ajax with the radio giving advice on how to subdue him. The pursuit eventually leaves Ajax and Donald in tears (watch the video to find out why!).

Like the different genres of horror this cartoon is like the Godzilla whereas the others are more like the House on Haunted Hill. This short is also featured in Disney’s Halloween Treat; in fact, all of the previous shorts are featured. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s last Spooky Shorts blog because we are nearly reaching the halfway point!

Have a Magical Day!


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