New to Who – Doctor Who for Beginners

No need for a TARDIS - catch up on the Whoniverse with Hello McFly!
No need for a TARDIS – catch up on the Doctor Who with Hello McFly!

Hello Whovians new and old, and welcome to the first installment of ‘New to Who.’ Doctor Who is a cultural phenomenon, a show that spans across time and space – airing episodes since 1963 with more than thirty seasons and over seventy-five countries tuning in every week. Add to that the movies, specials, radio casts, books, comics, and paraphernalia that has spawned from the longest running sci-fi show in history, and you’ve got a lot to take in. This doesn’t include the various eras of Classic versus New Who, Doctors, companions, reoccurring villains, gadgets, themes, and so much more. For some, the task of diving into the Whoniverse can be a little daunting; for others like yours truly, it’s a wonderful world to immerse yourself in with the help of caffeine and a lack of self-control.

Most don’t have the time nor energy to go through every last episode let alone the additional storylines in other media short of being a Time Lord. While wikis are great for specific references, they hardly make for an engaging afternoon, unless you’re one of the thousands of fans constantly editing them. That’s where a relatively knowledgeable person like me (read: fanatic) comes in: for the foreseeable future I’ll be breaking down the Whoniverse into bite-sized bits, giving the overall impression of a certain story arc or character while making suggestions on what to watch or read. If you have a specific query or want to pick and choose what to read, you can refer back to this as a masterpost, as I will add links to each subsequent ‘New to Who’ article.

You don’t have to shop Amazon for a TARDIS to get through all of Doctor Who. I still recommend doing that because owning a time machine is awesome, but now you can use it to see the Pyramids being built instead of binge-watching a whole season in one night – that’s my job.

So stay tuned Whovians, because next week we begin our journey through time and space into the sci-fi phenom of Doctor Who.

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3 responses to “New to Who – Doctor Who for Beginners”

  1. I love this post and this idea for a series! Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. I am with Mr. DAPs on this one!! I can’t wait for next week’s!

  3. Hello McFly Avatar
    Hello McFly

    Thank you guys! I look forward to putting all those sleepless college nights with Netflix to good use.

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