Gotham Recap- 'The Spirit of the Goat'

Spirit of the Goat

Greetings Gothamites! Thanks for joining me for this week’s Gotham Recap. Real life took hold this week so I apologize for the delay. This week we are talking about Gotham’s spookiest episode to date, The Spirit of the Goat. So without even more delay, let’s get started. Oh yes and as usual, there are spoilers!

The Episode

The episode opens with a flashback to Bullock’s first encounter with the Spirit of the Goat with his then-partner Dicks. They tracked the Spirit of the Goat, a.k.a Randall Milkie and upon arriving at Milkie’s hideout, the duo find The Spirit of the Goat’s latest victim. She has been hung up in a dramatic display. As they investigate, Milkie lurks around them in the shadows, taunting them before Bullock shoots him down. But before he goes, he severely wounds Dicks via a trap door near the victim.

In the present day, Bullock and Nygma are investigating a murder scene where the corpse is displayed the same dramatic fashion that The Spirit of the Goat’s victims were. Bullock doesn’t want to believe that the Goat has somehow returned from the dead. Bullock is a bit rude to Nygma, which doesn’t go unnoticed. Meanwhile, Jim Gordon has issues Barbara. They seem close to a resolution, but Gordon gets called away to The Goat crime scene. At the scene, Bullock explains that the Spirit of the Goat, or a copycat killer, only targets the first-born children of Gotham’s wealthy and elite.

Gordon and Bullock continue their investigation with the parents of the victim, Amanda Hastings. Amanda’s father, who has preexisting emotional problems, has a therapist at his side. She decides he can’t continue the interview due to grief which seems to cause an odd twitch of his hand. Back at the Gotham City Police Department, Nygma continues the investigation by researching old archives and evidence on the first Goat case. He also tries to use this to take the opportunity to try flirting with Kristen Kringle, the records clerk. Unsuccessful, Nygma revamps her archive’s filing system and she is less than thrilled. Between Bullock and Kringle it seems that Edward just can’t catch a break.

Gordon and Bullock head to the morgue for the autopsy on Amanda’s corpse. Bullock has the mortician check under the skin of the victim’s neck, knowing what he expects him to find. Apparently the penny lodged there was a personal M.O. of Milkie, a detail intentionally left out of the file and news so there could be no copycat killer. Bullock realizes that the only person who he can really consult with on the old case is Dicks, who’s long-retired from the force.

Dicks now lives in a retirement home and bound to a wheelchair from his injuries. He is holds a grudge against Bullock as well. Bullock and Dicks discuss the case and evidence, coming to the conclusion that Milkie could not have been the only killer. Dicks believes that is a much larger conspiracy. After Bullock leaves, Dicks reveals that Bullock wasn’t always quite so slovenly, and used to be as idealistic as Gordon is, this is hinted at when Gordon leaves Dicks’ room and Bullock is paying for Dicks’ care.

As Gordon and Bullock determine their next move, the Spirit of the Goat abducts another female socialite. Bullock and Gordon try to find a connection knowing their time is short. Nygma’s research eventually points Bullock and Gordon back to the same hideout that Bullock killed Milkie at years ago. They go to the location and while Bullock pursues the killer, Gordon saves the victim.

Meanwhile, Oswald takes brief break from the mob to visit his mother. He lets his mother dote on him as he claims that he will someday rule Gotham. He promises her he isn’t doing anything illegal and that seedy women aren’t his goal. He feels he can really “trust” Gordon and has big plans ahead.

Bullock and Gordon beat the killer into submission. It’s discovered the killer is an employee of the maintenance company that overlooks the victim’s buildings. Though the case appears to be closed, Bullock suspects more. While thinking and watching the latest Goat killer experience the same hand twitch as Mr. Hastings, Bullock has an idea and leaves the station.

Digging deeper, he discovers that the current and past goat killer, were both under the same care of Mr. Hasting’s therapist, who happens to also be a hypno-therapist. Bullock confronts the therapist and she admits to being the “Spirit of the Goat,” and using the Hastings’ maintenance crew as means of murder. Her motivation, she says, is to provide “therapy” to Gotham’s One Percent.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Detective Montoya and Allen continue their investigation of Gordon’s involvement with the “murder” of Oswald. After talking to a bum on the docks, they gather enough evidence to issue a warrant against Gordon. Barbara warns Gordon about his impending arrest, after Montoya warns her of what is to come. Gordon refuses, and lets Montoya and Allen take him back to the GCPD. Before they process Gordon and arrest Bullock, who’s currently debriefing his captain on the Goat case, Oswald arrives at the doorstep of the police department very much alive and to the dismay of everyone arguing. Gordon may be clear of murder but now his partner and soon Falcone know of his “betrayal”.


Here are some questions I would like to pose after this episode:

  • Are we seeing the behaviors that lead up to Edward Nygma becoming The Riddler?
  • Will Bullock and Gordon be able to repair their relationship?
  • Will Gordon reveal everything?
  • Will Falcone seek retribution?
  • What is Oswald’s plan?

This week’s episode was different from the other episodes we have become used to. There was little to no mention of the Wayne Murders, the mob wars, or the Arkham project. While I have been enjoying all the episodes, it was a nice change of pace to have the show not be completely reliant on the mob families. It was also interesting to see a different side of Bullock. It would be great to see more of his back story including what made him change. Is he really as jaded as he appears or is he maybe playing all the angles?

The Verdict

I really enjoyed the darker tone of this episode and the change of story type. I also really like that we are finding more out about Edward Nygma and the path that will eventually lead him to becoming The Riddler. Gotham definitely has my attention and is finding new ways every week to keep it.

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