Frozen Attraction Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disneyland "redevelopment of Fantasyland" (image) east
Tokyo Disneyland “redevelopment of Fantasyland”

An attraction based off the hit animated film Frozen is coming to the Tokyo Disney Resort. This is part of a capitol investment plan announced earlier this year that should invest 500 billion yen ($4.58 billion) into the Resort over the next ten years. According to Nikkei, the attraction would open in 2017 at Tokyo Disneyland.

According to the investment plan, both theme parks would receive “multiple major attractions” along with shops, restaurants and infrastructure. The area to be renovated at Tokyo Disneyland would be focused on Fantasyland. Part of these plans include moving It’s a Small World to a new home. This could end up being the home of the castle from Frozen that houses the afore-mentioned attraction. In Tokyo DisneySea, the changes would focus on an area to the South of the Lost River Delta (images below). While many changes will be seen on stage by guests, there will also be changes backstage. This could include moving of kitchens, offices, and a logistics center to nearby properties.

The goal behind all of these enhancements is to continue to improve the guest experience.  It should be noted that while the Oriental Land Company has sent out the following press release, there are still a lot of unknowns. Things could (and most likely will) change.

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Translated Press Release (via Google Translate)

[PR release] Tokyo Disneyland, for Tokyo Disney Sea future development initiative


I have delivered the release of the following for journalists today October 30th.


October 30, 2014 Oriental Land Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea

For future development initiative

Oriental Land Group “2016 medium-term management plan” respect (the year ended March 31, 2015 – the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017), Tokyo Disneyland, because the future of the development concept of Tokyo Disney Sea was mass, I will inform you.

10 years in our company at (ended March 31 – March 2024 fiscal year 2015), it will continue to run the investment of ¥ 500 billion level in the theme park business.

Tokyo Disneyland 2 Park large-scale development area
Tokyo Disneyland 2 Park large-scale development area

The Tokyo Disney Sea, to the expansion area of the south side of Lost River Delta, we have to consider the “development of new theme port” of eight eye composed of several large attractions and restaurants, shop etc.

In addition to these large-scale investments, such as a new introduction or renewal of attractions and entertainment, of hard, such as adding a new experience to the Park development, and the further enhancement and congestion feeling of restaurants relaxation, such as heat / cold measures In addition the guest of everyone is carried out in creating an environment also actively enjoy comfortable, even in the back stage to support the theme park, and will continue to make investments for the purpose of further strengthening of the management infrastructure, including a support function.

Also, in addition to investment in these hard, it is possible to tackle more than ever to the strengthening of human resource development, we will further enhance indispensable for Disney theme park the “hospitality by the cast”.

As described above, we aim to maximize the theme park value through initiatives in terms of both hardware and software, it was full of here you can not only experience only attractive, we will continue to further growth as the only theme park in the world.

Tokyo Disneyland, the future of the development concept of Tokyo Disney Sea

“Redevelopment of Fantasyland” and in Tokyo Disneyland, to center the “development of new theme port” in Tokyo Disney Sea, we will continue to run the investment aimed at maximizing the theme park value such as the introduction of new attractions.

It should be noted that, for the “redevelopment of Fantasyland” is, Tokyo Disneyland, as additional investment in Tokyo Disney Sea and is expected to be up to the past.

Tokyo Disneyland "redevelopment of Fantasyland" (image) east
Tokyo Disneyland “redevelopment of Fantasyland” (image) east


Tokyo Disneyland "redevelopment of fantasy land" area
Tokyo Disneyland “redevelopment of fantasy land” area
Tokyo Disney Sea "development of new theme port" area
Tokyo Disney Sea “development of new theme port” area

Tokyo Disneyland, for the comfortable environment building in Tokyo Disney Sea development  

Further enhancement and congestion feeling of relaxation of restaurants, such as heat / cold measures, guest of everyone will continue to proactively create an environment where you can enjoy comfortable.

Show redevelopment of improved comfort · IT environment of the re-establishment and restaurants further enhance and service facility of viewing area.

Examples of redevelopment of show appreciation area (image)
Examples of redevelopment of show appreciation area (image)
By introducing such as on a stage movable in Mediterranean Harbor of Tokyo Disney Sea, the visibility of the show increases, a wider area so people can watch the show. (Scheduled to begin use than March 1, 2015)
Examples of further enhancement of restaurants (image)
Examples of further enhancement of restaurants (image)
Along the parade route of Tokyo Disneyland, and we are considering the introduction of a restaurant that can slowly parade Watch while enjoy the meal.

This announcement is a thing of concept stage at the moment. For details of each project, we will inform decision soon again.

※ The image is a thing of concept stage at the moment all. There are times when it becomes to change in the future

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