Once Upon A Time: Breaking Glass (S4E5) – Review

This weeks episode was a little boring compared to the non-stop epicness that was The Apprentice last week. With lots of David and Mary-Margarrett lovey-doveyness and lady bonding with Regina and Emma, there was little that really helped move the plot forward, until the very end of course.

Quick Recap

David seems pretty intent of getting Mary-Margarrett out of the house. He asks Belle to babysit Neal and he is able to get her out for a stroll. Barely an hour into their date, David gets a call to find Will Scarlett, who has escaped from the prison. Mary-Margarrett decides to go back home to Neal, when he stumbles upon him. She then convinces herself that David set Will free in an attempt to help her feel like herself again. She pardons Will, after he agrees with her and she goes home. She learns that Will actually had escaped and that she pardoned a guilty man. David, of course, forgives her and his happy that Mary-Margarrett feels less like a monthly shutin and more like her old adventurous self. 

The hunt to discover who the Snow Queen is continues and this time the trail leads to Regina. In a box of old archives, Elsa comes across a photograph of Emma and the Snow Queen fighting. The catch is, the photo is from when Emma first came to Storybrooke and she has no memory of this happening. They turn to a very snippy Regina for answers and she then turns to the picture taker, Sidney. Sidney, who is still trapped in the mirror, leads bickering Emma and Regina out into the middle of the woods, where they find the ice staircase that Elsa built (which she built because she was following a mirage of Anna through the woods which was a trap all along by the Snow Queen). Regina realizes Sidney lead them into a trap

Once s04 e05

The Snow Queen has trapped Elsa with her own fear. In an attempt to teach her a lesson, she tells her the only way out it by conquering her fear and then tells her she is off to build a snowman (yes gag me with a spoon). Elsa eventually conquers her fear, while Regina and Emma use their magic to defeat the giant ice Viking that the Snow Queen made (why she did it, no idea). The Snow Queen then takes the mirror, which apparently is what she wanted from them all along and puts Emma and Regina into a Vadering/Force chockhold, but they are saved by Elsa. Then the Snow Queen vanishes.

elsa trapped 

emma regina fighting

In her snow-castle the Snow Queen frees Sidney, who tries oh so hard to dedicate himself to her. She just wants the mirror. Apparently, the dark magic that resides in the mirror is what she needs to get what she has been waiting a very long time for. What? No idea, but it does involve her building a bigger mirror piece-by-piece, which is now completed with a piece from Regina’s mirror. Apparently, it is about to get quite cold in Storybrooke.

 snow queen with mirror

Emma flashes back to her younger days when she was starting out as a thief and not a very good one at that. We see young Emma being befriended by a fellow orphan who saves and teachers her a few tricks. Why the two girls break into a summer house to stay, they play with a camcorder and record silly videos. We find out that the girl actually has adopted parents that she hates and asks Emma to forgive her, which she refuses. Present day Emma reflects on this experience and goes to Regina asking for forgiveness and friendship. She wants to bond with Regina through their mutual similarity of being rejected and it looks like Regina is open to it.

Later Emma and Hook go through Emma’s childhood box and they come across the camcorder. They watch the silly video that Emma and her orphan friend make but what is truly interesting is what happens in the end.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.24.23 PM

What Did I Think

It was nice to get a little Frozen break. I mean yea, she made the ice stairs and ran across them, only to be let down. I was bummed at how the stairs were used too, because in the movie they symbolize her climbing to her freedom vs in the show it leads her to being trapped. Seems, I don’t know, lame. Plus where did she get such an ugly purple cape? I mean seriously, she needs some present day clothing. (Has no one else noticed she has been wearing the SAME outfit since the season started?)

 elsa ice stairs

I still find David & Mary-Margerrett completely pointless so far this season. They are totally forcing the story with them, purely because they have always been in the show and because Emma lives with them. Would it be so hard to just have them be too busy to do anything because of the new baby and let other stories be developed with that time?

However, the story between Emma and the Snow Queen is getting very interesting. This story goes WAY back, it will be so crazy to see it unfold more and more. However, it is nice to see that Emma and Regina might have found a way to become friends, after a little bit of pleading from Emma. I also find the Snow Queen’s magic fascinating. She appears to have magic like both Elsa and Regina, I can’t wait to know the origins of if.

So What Now?

Will David and Mary-Margarrett ever serve a purpose this season? What will come from Regina and Emma’s friendship? Will Elsa ever stop being weak and figure out what happened to Anna? Could Emma and Hook’s love be any cuter? And WTH is going on with the Snow Queen!? Seriously if I don’t get her back story soon I am going to FREAK OUT!

Also, we are still waiting to find the author of the Fairytale book and to find out what the deal is with the Sorcerer’s Hat. I am happy thought that the stories are being spread out a little versus all going on in one episode.




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