Ultimate Spider-Man and Agent Venom – Disney XD

I’m excited that the Disney XD show is getting into the main stream of Marvel Comics by bringing in the likes of Agent Venom.  A newer Venom comic series had Flash Thompson as the government agent version of Venom.  The symbiote has been under Flash’s control, but always runs the risk of taking over the host.  It’s a great complicated character and glad to see him done well on a cartoon show.  Below is some press release information and a video.

This Sunday, prepare for another morning full of new adventures on Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors beginning at 8am/7c inside the Marvel Universe on Disney XD. Tune in for the brand-new episode “Agent Venom” airing at 8am/7c. Spider-Man’s childhood bully, Flash Thompson, has become infected with the dangerous Venom Symbiote! Will Flash be able to prevent Venom from controlling his mind or will he become its newest host?