Jurassic Park Star Lord Richard Attenborough Dead at 90

Lord Richard Attenborough Dead at 90Actor, director, producer, and entrepreneur Lord Richard Attenborough has died at the age of 90. The British star appeared in countless films throughout his career and also earned Oscars for Ghandi, which he directed.

Lord Richard Attenborough will forever be remembered on Geeks Corner as John Hammond in the original Jurassic Park. The man in white with the big grin who not only was a billionaire, but also a grandpa. His charm was infectious and it was hard not to wish the best for John Hammond.  His character always offered that balance to the darkness of Jurassic Park. And when his enthusiasm and positivity wavered, so did hope for a happy ending in the movie.  Several of the roles in the movie could have been played by different actors but the role of John Hammond will always belong to Lord Richard Attenborough.

Beyond Jurassic Park, Attenborough was known for his roles in Brighton Rock, The Great Escape, 10 Rillington Place, and the remake of Miracle on 34th Street.

He lived his last days with his wife Sheila Slim in a nursing home before returning to his home where he died, according to his son Michael.

What was your favorite Lord Richard Attenborough role?

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