Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones

Chris Pratt is quickly making a name for himself as an action star. Last weekend he debuted as Star-Lord in Marvel’s very successful Guardians of the Galaxy.  Next year he will be appearing in Jurassic World. After that, how about a rebooted Indiana Jones?

Since Disney bought Lucasfilm it has been a foregone conclusion that there will be a return of the world’s most famous archeologist. Fans have been geeking out about the possibility of Harrison Ford donning the hat and leather jacket again while they have also speculated about who could take up the whip for future adventure with Indy.

One fan (let us know if you know who it is!) has come up with an idea for the future of Indiana Jones. That future in their mind is Chris Pratt. This fan created this photo of what Indiana Jones could look like if played by Chris Pratt. I must say that after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, I would be on board with this casting idea. There was definitely a feeling of Han Solo with Pratty’s Peter Quill. If I could imagine that, it seems like not much of a stretch to go to Indy.

Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones
Unknown Fan Photo of Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones.

What do you think? Could you imagine Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones? Did the music start playing in your head when you saw the photo? If not Pratt, who would you like to see play Indiana Jones after Harrison Ford hangs up his hat? I personally would like to see at least one or two more movies with Ford. However, I recognize that a company as big as Lucasfilm and Disney isn’t going to just let the character ride off into the sunset. So what do you think?

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