42nd Annual Knott's Scary Farm Details

Back for its 2014 run is the 42nd Annual Knott’s Scary Farm. This season is filled with all your worst nightmares come true. Mazes, shows, scare zones and much more are set for the most terrifying nights of the year, starting September 25 through October 31 on select dates. In addition, there is something special for season pass holders. Last night, Knott’s Berry Farm held its Scary Farm Press Conference with plenty of details. Let’s take a look at the frightening lineup. DISCLAIMER: Information below may be frightening for younger audiences. 

The first big announcement of the night was made by the Mistress of Darkness herself, Elvira. As the theater began to grow quite, the “Creeple’s Choice Awards” began showing different recognizable horror films all starring Elvira. With each set up, she was set in a popular scene of the movie. As soon as the “nominations” were over, the winner, Elvira came out on stage giving a thank you speech. During her witty monologue, she made the announcement that during every night of Scary Farm, she will be preforming in her own show, Elvira’s Big Top, at the Charles M. Schultz Theater.

Also back again is the popular Hanging. Loud shots rang inside the theater as the Sheriff of Calico made his way down the aisle. For sure this year’s Hanging will be entertaining. You never know who will be hung this year.You can even vote here for the celebrity that you would like to see upon the gallows.

As the conference progressed, it was time for the most awaited announcement, the mazes! Four of the maze designers came out on stage to give a brief description of what guests can expect. Seven mazes are returning from last year and three brand new mazes will be making their debut. Select mazes will also offer a Skeleton Key room, which will unlock an extra frightful room in the maze.

The first maze returning is Trick-or-Treat. An evil witch is on the lookout to kidnap you as you make your way to her house. Next is the Dominion of the Damned. This set up is based on the terror of an evil queen that plans to destroy everything in her path. This maze will have a Skeleton Key room. Another returning maze is Forevermore. Based on a killer that pays homage to Edgar Allen Poe through his evil acts of death, you will fear for your own life. This year, the designers promise more live kills throughout the maze. Pinocchio Unstrung will be back another year. Including a Skeleton Key room, this maze will bring scenes of the book to life, except more gruesome then you remembered. Black Magic returns as the ghost of Houdini brings forth all his tricksters. With a hall of illusion and having a Skeleton Key Room, this is one not to miss. The Gunslinger Grave is set in the Old West of the 1880s. Someone in town has been betrayed and they are looking for revenge. This maze is said to have a town hall shoot out in the finale. It will also have a Skeleton Key room. Last returning maze is The Witch’s Keep. This adventure takes place on the newly redone Calico Mine Train. The witch is back for revenge.

Three brand new mazes will make their debut. First new maze is Voodoo. This maze involves voodoo spirits and zombies. You make your own path to either go left or right in the maze. Each path will have its own experience. Voodoo will have a Skeleton Key room. Next, The Tooth Fairy involves your worst fear of a childhood hero. Watch out as the Tooth Fairy tries to catch you. If you are not afraid of what you see, you are bound to be frightened by the audio of the soundtrack, which is bloodcurdling. Lastly is Trapped: Lock & Key. You will be placed in a room for 20 to 25 minutes to experience things that will make you want to leave the room as soon as possible. Additional reservations and fees apply for this experience.

Now that you have a little taste of the mazes, here is some more. This year, Scare Zones are back with four areas. Fiesta De Los Muertos, Ghost Town Streets, CarnEVIL and Gypsy Camp will all have themed monsters awaiting your arrival.

Also announced was some exciting news for Season Passholders. This year, Knott’s Scary Farm Passes will be offered exclusively to pass holders. This means that for only $65, pass holders with the Scary Farm Pass can attend as many scare nights as they would like, with no block out dates. These passes can be found online by visiting here.

Lastly, the biggest announcement of the night is the all new interactive element, Special Ops: Infected. This experience will take place in Camp Snoopy as you and a group are place in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. You goal is to kill the zombies with the weapons that you are given at the beginning of your mission. Only head shots will be the cause of dead for these flesh eating zombies. But be sure to watch out because they are contagious. Infected is free and is included with your ticket of admission. This brand new interactive element has for sure increased the entertainment value.

Tickets are now available online by visiting the Knott’s Berry Farm Website. Also, be sure to like Knott’s Berry Farm on Facebook for up to the minute information. There is even a search for the ultimate fan on their Facebook page.

Here is to another season of Knott’s Scary Farm! What maze or event are you most looking forward to?

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