Ratatouille: The Adventure at Disneyland Paris Ride Review

After 5 years of conception, Ratatouille: The Adventure is finally set to open July 10th at Disneyland Paris.

Several previews took place since June 16th such as presenting the newest attraction to Cast Members, Press, Annual Passholders and Shareholders.

La Place de Rémy depicts the Paris “that never was.” At the center you can find a fountain inspired by the one from La Place des Voges, with several rats carved on it. After La Place des Frères Lumières and Toy Story Playland, it’s the third part of the park which in my opinion, is pleasant to visit. I could rest for hours enjoying every sights and songs of this area.

Here, you can obviously find the ride but also Le Bistrot Chez Rémy (a new restaurant) and Chez Marianne – Souvenirs de Paris (a shop which will open next fall).

Today I’ll present to you “Ratatouille : L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy” (yes, that’s the real name of the attraction). The exterior line is more or less made of zigzags under a reproduction of Paris’ “Halles” but there are plenty of details from the movies to see here: mainly advertisements and inhabitant’s names.

Then you enter into the main building. Inside, it’s just a simple corridor but it leads to Paris’ roofs. This is the best part of the queue area because there is so much going on all around you. The famous Guestau sign is speaking to you, you can hear traffic, a dog is barking and Camille is singing a song from the movie just behind a window.

After that, we walk into another corridor where you pick your glasses. It’s a shame that they’re not part of the story. At the moment you pass the turnstiles, you are shrunk to a rat size. The boarding room is gorgeous. I could definitely stay here for hours just watching rats moving, the enormous roof where you can see shadows through a giant window. This room is massive, 6 “Rat-Mobile” can board 6 guests, each at the same time and departs by three every 30 seconds.

Our journey began. After pleasant sights of Paris’ roofs we’re joined by Gustau’s ghost welcoming and leading us to Remy on the restaurant’s roof. Remy wants to cook us a dinner, he finally decides to cook his famous Ratatouille but the window on which we stand opens. We fall into the restaurant; we’re running through the kitchen, the cold-storage chamber and even between the walls. We’re chased by Chef Skinner. We even hide under an oven. At the end of the adventure, we discovered the kitchen was full of rats helping Rémy. The adventure concludes inside Chef Rémy’s new restaurant where the main characters wave goodbye to us.

The unloading area faces the new restaurant “Bistrot Chez Rémy”. We have to walk through a corridor before to find our human size again and reach the wonderful Place de Rémy.

This ride will sure be a hit for Disneyland Paris. It is the first Dark-Ride and the technology used is still not that common in Europe. It is made for the whole family, so don’t expect any thrill, just a lot of fun. The theming is gorgeous from the beginning to the end of the attraction. Nevertheless, some people might be disappointed because of the sight of the limit between the screen and the ground and a sometimes blurred 3D. Let’s remember that the attraction will officially open July 10th so there is still time to adjust and improve the attraction.

Thank you for reading, you can find below all my photos taken from La Place de Rémy and a link to an amazing YouTube video shot by DLPWelcome. Please, remember that the adventure is in 3D and includes a lot of effects that can’t be seen and felt in the video.

See you soon.

This article has been written by Sami Lachhab.

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