Legends of Hayley the Hatter – Geeks Corner – Episode 342

Hayley the Hatter & Mr. DAPs at Disneyland
Hayley the Hatter & Mr. DAPs at Disneyland

This week on Geeks Corner, the geeks are joined by Hayley the Hatter who has helped enhance the Geeks Corner set by creating a beautiful stencil inspired by SHERLOCK and painting it on the wall behind Mr. DAPs.

On this episode of Geeks Corner, the Geeks chat about Johnny 5’s recent adventure to Colorado and white water rafting. Legends of Frontierland has come to Disneyland and Mr. DAPs and Hayley the Hatter checked it out last Sunday and report on it.

Bow Ties by Hayley the Hatter have arrived! Mr. DAPs shows off his newest bow-tie by Hayley and shares how you can get one as well! Remember, Dapper Day is coming up!

Finally, Dumbo is coming to theaters again. This time he will be CGI as a part of a live action movie. The Geeks discuss this upcoming film.

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