Jurassic World Poster Released for 2014 SDCC [updated]

The powers that be have released a poster for Jurassic World. While this poster isn’t a photograph of the movie, it is absolutely awesome and I’d love to have it on the Geeks Corner wall. Apparently, a few “resourceful few” people at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) will be getting this poster, according to director Collin Trevorrow. There are only 500 of these beauties and they will be distributed at SDCC, according to artist Mark Englert’s blog.

Jurassic World Teaser Poster



Looking at the poster, it appears to be an incredible blend of old and new. A few details jump out from it. First off, this is clearly another movie where it is nature versus technology. In the foreground a Raptor stands atop a wrecked jeep (yea, it should be a Ford Explorer) with dinosaur eggs in it. The jeep looks quite reminiscent of the jeeps used in the original Jurassic Park film. Perhaps it has been sitting there for 20 years?  It probably is no accident that the Raptor is standing atop the jeep either, signifying the dominance of the dinos by the end of that story. Then look further into the picture and in the background it appears that technology has taken quite a food hold. In fact, it almost has the appearance of a theme park (yes, it looks Disney to me) in the background with a building that looks quite a bit like Space Mountain. Looking closely there is also a rail or track or something that looks a lot like a monorail. There also is a helicopter air-lifting something to or from Isla Nublar. There is quite a bit going on! Now here is where I ran over to find out what the artist had to say about this poster.

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Mark Englert on Jurassic World Poster

This is where things get really interesting. Head over to Mark Englert’s blog and discover that some of these observations are closer to the truth than initially realized (which I found to be an awesome surprise!).

I’m a huge Disney nut, so the name, “Jurassic World” immediately conjured “Disney World” in my head. Along with everyone else who follows movies online, I saw those concept art photos that were floating around and noticed a monorail going around the island, which further solidified the connection in my head. The first idea I came up with was a take on a vintage Disney World ad, incorporating their iconic, “monorail swoosh” into my design. In order to get families to feel safe going to this park, I figured any sensible advertiser would show kids happily interacting with baby dinosaurs and tourists snapping pictures of a curious Brachiosaurus.

“If The Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don’t eat the tourists.”

Of course this can’t be the end of things, this is Jurassic World not Walt Disney World. There has to be something a bit more sinister and dangerous. There has to be that risk of some tourists being eaten… His process literally did go from Disney to something way more similar to backing off and combining the two (to oversimplify it).

Another awesome tidbit from this blog is that in Englert’s mind, this jeep is the jeep that fell out of the tree in Jurassic Park! The amount of story and detail that went into creating this poster makes it that much better.

Jurassic World Teaser Poster Variant

As if all of this wasn’t good enough, there is a second version of this poster. With a completely different feel, this blue hued poster will be distributed only online. There are also only 100 of these being printed (at this point). Mark Englert didn’t know when or how this poster is being released but suggested following @JurassicPark on twitter would be a good idea. You can also follow @JurassicWorld on instagram (also a good idea probably).

Jurassic World Teaser Poster Variant

It really is hard to decide which one is “better.” It is interesting how the change of the dominant color really does change everything. I personally am leaning towards the original poster, even though I really do like blue. This poster makes me that much more excited to see Jurassic World. I have high hopes for this movie and can’t wait to see it on opening night!

What do you think about the poster and its variation?

Jurassic World will be in theaters on June 12, 2015.

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Screen Print 24×36
Numbered Edition of 500

All will be distributed for Free at SDCC

2 drops Thursday
2 drops Friday
1 drop Saturday

The first 75 to 100 people at each drop (tbd location) will receive a card to hold their place in line and will then exchange for a print.

Drops will be randomly announced through the below channels. Text will be quickest for you.

Twitter – @JurassicPark
Instagram – @JurassicWorld
Text – Jurassic to 834567
11×17 digital print
1,500 produced

These will only be distributed to those who show up for the drops and do not get a screen print.

Our good friends at Legendary will have a small quantity as well so follow them and stop by their awesome booth!
Screen Print 24×36
Numbered edition of 100

These will be distributed online for free exclusively through Jurassic World social channels, Worldwide!

We will hold daily challenges and chose 15 to 20 random winners a day.

Timing is TBD but you guys will be the first to know!
We will also have signed copies from Colin and the cast as giveaways throughout the entire campaign.

Mark Englert and I will conduct 2 SET giveaways through this page after the Con.