Queen of Hearts - Alice in Wonderland Refurbished Attraction - Photo from @DAPsMurray's Phone

Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland Refurbished Attraction – Photo from @DAPsMurray’s Phone

Guests visiting the Disneyland Resort today were able to experience a newly refurbished Alice in Wonderland attraction a day before it is officially scheduled to be open. This classic Fantasyland attraction takes guests through Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. The attraction itself has been centered around controversy through the last couple of years as it had scaffolding placed around the outside track (vine).

This refurbishment not only fixed this aesthetic issue, but also enhanced many of the effects inside. The new effects included enhanced animatronics, projections throughout the attraction, and some changes in scenery. The biggest changes include the addition of Alice herself to the attraction and the removal of the Cheshire Cat before the final tea party scene.

Originally opened in 1958, Alice in Wonderland has seen other changes through the years. When Fantasyland was refurbished in 1983, the Upside-Down and Oversized Rooms were removed and the Mad Hatter’s tea party scene was moved to the end of the attraction. New narration was recorded by Kathryn Beaumont, the original voice of Alice in the movie of the same name, for the attraction at this time as well. Alice in Wonderland would remain closed until 1984.

The lead up to these changes from a public standpoint came in 2010 when the attraction was closed temporarily to add scaffolding and handrails. This look remained for the next four years until this new and more permanent solution was implemented.

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