Arrow/The Flash and the Justice League?

Arrow_dark_promoRecently, DC Comics has declared that the television and movie universes will not crossover at all.  But, there’s still some epic things happening in the television universe.  Though movies will not have any crossover, television series can.

Arrow has already spun-off The Flash and it will continue to function connectedly.  There’s already episodes planned for both series to have both casts cross over in this next season.  Not only that, but there’s allusions that DC is making about having others from the Justice League appear in the small screen series.

Whether these are characters that will also appear on the big screen is another issue.  Where Marvel seems to want to keep things rather tight within their live action media, DC seems fine with having things in different depending on the media.  So, it’s possible to have Superman or Batman appear in the tv shows.  But, my guess is that it will be not quite as popular characters.  Maybe Aquaman, Cyborg, and others such as these will appear.

atomRay Palmer/The Atom is already scheduled to make an appearance on Arrow, and he’s certainly been a Leaguer in the past.  With his appearance it makes me guess that the shows are focusing on slightly more believable heroes, rather than aliens or magical.  Flash is produced from chemicals and lightning.  Atom is a scientist that discovers a way to shrink himself.  There aren’t a lot of super heroes in the DC Universe that fit these molds, but someone like Cyborg does.  Aquaman would be a stretch, but could fit scientifically.  Of course, Batman and Nightwing fit within all of this, but I still doubt they will be part of the tv universe.

Over in The Flash, there’s been comments that it will stay fairly true to the comic series.  This excites me the most.  The Flash is one of the more unique heroes and comic series on the market.  Where his Rogues Gallery can feel a bit campy, I feel like the tv series will handle it well.  Captain Cold is already cast, and I’m sure there will be more villains emerging as time goes on for the show.

Captain_Cold_New_52A big buzz from trailers is that Reverse Flash will play a big part in the show and ongoing storyline for the series.  The two Flashes have been pitted against each other for a very long time.  The television show has already said that Barry Allen is trying to find out who murdered his mother, and free his father from being wrongly accused.  In the comics it is Reverse Flash that had done the murder.

What excites me more, but may confuse viewers, is if the show will bring a lot of the Speed Force into the series.  The Speed Force is this sort of entity that gives all speedsters their powers.  It can be manipulated, but also functions somewhat autonomously.  It’s an interesting dynamic that has played a part in a lot of sagas of DC Comics.  It’s just a fun concept to have.

With all the news that is out, it’s exciting to see what is happening in the Arrow/Flash universe.  I think DC is doing well with their television shows to have a great setup for ongoing stories.  It will be interesting to see things unfold with whether there will be a Justice League, and even more series from these two shows.  Perhaps there will be a whole channel dedicated to DC heroes shows?

Until next time, have a marvelous day!

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