With much going on at Disneyland Paris, @pippin1964 has filled us in on past and current events. Let’s see what fun the resort has been having as he shares with us.

Pixar 25th anniversary Exhibition

In its worldwide tour, the Pixar 25th anniversary exhibition stopped in Paris from 16th November 2013 to 2nd march 2014 at the ” Art Ludique Museum “.

It was a unique occasion to discover the backstage of this amazing Cie. Drawing, Sculpture, coming from the Pixar Movies were exposed from the very beginning of the Pixar history.

Unique piece were exposed helping you to understand how a movie is made.

John Lasseter was everywhere during the visit and especially through his signature on some drawing.

The most awesome part of this exhibition was the Zootrope, a carrousel with Pixar characters which take life when the stroboscope is on.

Closed since : 03/02/2014.

ParisSpring4 ParisSpring5

Star Wars Identities Exhibition

The exhibition to see now in Paris: Star Wars Identities. It’s so popular that every show time are sold out during the week-end, and the following free places are available in 3 weeks.

Original costumes, models are presented in this exhibition. It takes place in the new “Cité du cinema” created by Luc Besson.

Open until 06/30/2014.


Pixar in Concert

At your agendas, at the “Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot”, Sunday 06/22/2014 – 03:00 pm. For the first time in France, Disney-Pixar is on stage. An orchestra will play unforgettable music and songs of Pixar movies and simultaneously, the audience can see the sequence in HD on a huge screen.

Unique show 06/22/2014 03:00pm


Ratatouille attraction at Disneyland Paris

It’s no more a secret, Ratatouille will be the attraction to visit at Disneyland Paris this summer.

In fact, Ratatouille is a resort composed by an attraction (See the world at the size of a rat, and in 3D), a restaurant (Bistrot Chez Remy), and a store.

This new attraction is already mentioned in the map of the park. It’s located at the Wall Disney Studios next the Toys Story Playland.

Be ready ! Opening 07/10!



Spring at Disneyland Paris

Spring is here! And it’s also in Disneyland Paris. Waiting for the opening of the Ratatouille Attraction, the park is wearing the spring colors. I just wanted to share some pictures with your taken beginning of April….

Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Paris.


This article has been written by @Pippin1964