Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Sells Out!

Hellllloooo Geeks!

Unless you’ve been hiding inside a Tuan-Taun, you probably knew this last week marked the open registration for the Inaugural Star Wars Race Weekend! True to form, as with other runDisney events, this race weekend sold out within hours breaking yet another record sell out time.


Just in case you missed the big announcement from RunDisney last month, the Star Wars Race Weekend will be held January 15th – January 18th 2015 at the Disneyland Resort.

It will feature:

  • Star Wars Half Marathon
  • Star Wars Rebel Challenge (10K + Half Marathon)
  • Star Wars 10K
  • Star Wars 5K
  • runDisney Kids Races Diaper Dash

This is a BIG race, not only for all the Star Wars fans out there who have been waiting patiently ever since Disney bought out Lucas, but it’s now the third race event to run at the Disneyland Resort. Did I mention you get in on receiving THREE INAGAURAL race finisher medals? Because, you know… it’s all about the BLING! (I, myself, have an Inaugural finisher’s medal from the Tinker Bell 10K and it’s beautifuuuuulll!

Thousands of fans flocked to their computers Tuesday morning and anxiously awaited open registration, which began at 9am PST on the runDisney website. Within 30 minutes, the Rebel Challenge which combines both the 10K on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday, was completely SOLD OUT. That left runners to either sign up for the races individually without receiving a 3rd Rebel Challenge medal or to choose to run a single race. By 2:00pm ALL races were SOLD OUT. Only took 5 hours for thousands and thousands and thousands of Disney runners to fill up the event.

Just in case you were planning on trying to run, but were unsuccessful in registering, you can still get in on the Jedi action by signing up with Charity Teams and Travel Provider Programs.

There are also options for non-runners such as the ChEAR Squad which allows  you access to the park along the course, a t-shirt, Mickey clappers, as well as other amenities while you chEAR your runner on!  With multiple packages to choose from, it’s a great way to participate without having to run the 13.1 miles.

There is also still space in the Wookiee Welcome Party on Thursday, January 15th 2015!

The Star Wars Wookiee Welcome Party features:

  • Private Party in Tommorrowland
  • Character Meet & Greets with Star Wars Characters and Classic Disney Characters in Star Wars Outfits
  • Entertainment
  • Dessert Reception
  • Select Attractions open including Space Mountain and Star Tours – The Adventures Continues, Astro Orbitor, and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster*

And of course, everyone is welcome to attend the Race Expo which is always held at the Disneyland Hotel throughout the weekend. You can get exclusive race merchandise as well as free samples of energy/power fuel snacks and specialty athletic gear!

Even if you aren’t a runner and have no desire to become one, you should still come down and watch some of the events (and get some free samples!). It is truly inspiring and is the big reason I run today. I blame my cousin for tricking me … I repeatedly denied her requests to start running because it was the dreaded “E” word (exercise). She then asked me to come with her to the Inaugural Tink Half because she didn’t want to “drive down to Disneyland alone”. Somehow after seeing all these people crossing the finish line at my favorite place in the world, I was registered for the Disneyland Half and training the next month. Figure that one out…. But I digress.

I did not try to register for this race, as I am already gearing up for the Inaugural Avengers Half in November, but I’m sure I’ll be around and cheering for all my fellow runners!

This is sure to be a great event so if you’re in the area try to come by and see the fun for yourself!

The Force is Strong with this one!

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