Not much is known about Pixar’s new feature film, Inside Out. Recently, Variety Online gave a few hints about what we can expect for the upcoming film. The film is said to take place in the mind of an 11 year old girl. Director of the film Pete Docter, gave a presentation over the weekend at the Annecy Film Festival, so lets see what we can expect. 

Due out in 2015, this new film “will forever change the way people think about the way people think.” It is said to be the highest-concept project that Pixar has taken part of. “It’s based on a strong emotional experience I had watching my daughter grow up,” said Pete Docter. Life and the point of where childhood loses joy, is explored in the film. 

Plot wise, the film is set in the mind of the 11 year old Riley, whom is not the main character, yet she is the setting for the film. The entire film is played out in her subconscious and deals with her emotions with characters such as Fear, Sadness, Joy, Disgust and Anger.

These distinct color-coded characters help Riley to process new experiences and to make memories, which are constantly being recorded within brightly colored orbs that look something like those translucent bath-bubble balls (filed away nightly and then erased in long-term storage by “Forgetters” with a vaguely Minions-like vibe). The inventive opening scene extends from the moment of Riley’s birth and the creation of her first memory to the introduction of its five main characters, ending with an encounter between Joy and Sadness where the former can’t seem to figure out Sadness’ role in the operation.

Once the clip ended, Docter explained that Riley and her parents relocate from a quiet rural home to San Francisco at a particularly impressionable age, resulting in a new-school trauma that forces Joy and Sadness out of the control panel and into the far, unfamiliar reaches of her mind.”

With a film that is said to revolutionize the way people think, Pixar has once again set the bar. Stay tuned to DAPs Magic for more updates on the film.

What is your take on the film, now that a little more is known?