Meet Gelatoni, A Disney Friend of Duffy

Duffy the Disney Bear fans, it is time to meets Duffy’s new friend, Gelatoni! Gelatoni is a cat that has great artistic skills in painting and wears a cute blue beret to match his blue eyes. With this recent announcement from the Tokyo Disney Resort, new merchandise and special food offerings will be available at Tokyo Disney.


How did Duffy and Gelatoni become friends you ask? One day, Duffy was walking down the street, enjoying some gelato when he accidently dropped his gelato on the floor. Gelatoni happened to be near by painting. The two started to paint together to make up for the gelato that ended up on the floor. Duffy told Gelatoni about Mickey Mouse and all three have since then become great friends.


If you would like to see more photos or check out the online carton flip book of their story-line, please click here. All current photos on this article are from the Tokyo Disney website.


Gelatoni in the newest addition to the friends of Duffy family. Another character whom is friends with Duffy is ShellieMay. Currently at the moment, ShellieMay and Gelatoni cannot be found at Disney Parks in the United States.

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