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Greetings Readers! Welcome to Geek Eats, a new type of blog here at Geek’s Corner. Primarily the focus on geeky stuff here is media and pop culture related; but I would like to bring a new avenue of geekdom to Geek’s Corner, food.

One may not think of food as a geeky topic, but try talking to a foodie. They can talk to someone at length about the culture surrounding a specific food, a new cooking gadget, recipes, ingredients and much more. We foodies are just as geeky about food as a Potterhead is about Harry Potter or a Trekkie about Star Trek.

In these blogs I will address all of these topics and more. Having lost about 100 pounds over the past 2 years, I am passionate about good food and I am always looking for ways not only to indulge but also how to make indulgent food healthier.

I look forward to sharing my food explorations and adventures with all of you! Next week I will be sharing my adventure at The Page Springs Cellars, right here in Arizona. Stay tuned because you won’t want to miss it!

Enjoy What You Eat!