Spoiler-Free Frozen Review

Frozen is a movie that I have been waiting for ever since they showed us concept art and “Let it Go” was performed at Destination D almost a year and a half ago. You can imagine I was a little excited and obviously had to see this movie the day it came out. Many of the theaters nearby were playing the movie on Tuesday night, so my family ended up going Tuesday. My brother and I went on Wednesday, then my family went again on Sunday. If seeing it 3 times in it’s opening week tells you anything, it means we really love this movie!

Elsa & Anna – Frozen

First off, we’ll start with the short, “Get a Horse”. If you’re a fan of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons, you will fall in love with “Get a Horse”! The short alone is also reason enough to see the movie in 3D, because it is truly a wonderful blend of black and white 2D animation combined with 3D color animation. The short brings back the wonderful memories of slapstick comedy that the earliest Mickey Mouse cartoons had. What made the short even more special is the fact that Mickey Mouse was voiced by Walt himself. They had enough audio of Walt that they could use for this short, which was an incredible touch! All Disney fans will appreciate that! Other fans may also appreciate a cameo by a certain Lucky Rabbit. (I know I did!)

Now, onto Frozen, one Disney’s best animated features in quite some time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tangled, and thought Wreck-it-Ralph was great, but as the critics have said, there hasn’t been a Disney animated film like it since The Lion King. I may have to agree with them. Frozen is one of those movies that you want to see in theaters multiple times, because it is so spectacular, waiting to watch it on your TV screen when it’s out of DVD just won’t do it any justice. Frozen is visually amazing, and I haven’t seen it in 3D yet, but I can imagine that the extra depth just immerses you into the movie even more. I look at the snow and wonder how long it took the animators to create the winter wonderland that covers Arendelle.

The storyline moves along rather fast in my opinion, and includes a couple of twists that I didn’t see coming. The movie has twists and turns, heartfelt moments, and a great soundtrack to boot! Check out Mr. Daps review on the Frozen soundtrack! The music has a Disney feel, with a little bit of pop added to it, but is really a great addition to the movie and to any Disney lovers music collection. If you haven’t seen the movie, but have listened to the soundtrack, you may know that “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” is a tearjerker, so take tissues! I definitely needed them!

Anna and Elsa are a great set of Disney royalty to add to the princesses. Elsa has that powerful, yet beautiful elegance to her, but when she’s scared, you really empathize with her. Anna is relatable in the way that she is awkward and funny, and just trying to find a place where she is in her own.

I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so I will leave it here, Frozen is an instant classic that will delight all ages! The kids will appreciate the humor, adults will appreciate the story and beauty, and music lovers will appreciate the soundtrack. All will leave feeling warm and fuzzy and off to the Disney Store to buy their own Olaf plush. Or, if you’re like me, a Sven (the reindeer) plush.

One last thing, stay ‘till after the credits!!

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