DAPs Magic Guide To Your Holiday Shopping

No need to fear on your holiday shopping this year, we have many different gift ideas to share with you. From cartoons to Disney club memberships, we got it all. So stick around and check out our selections that we would like to share with you this holiday season.

For CD and DVD lovers, this holiday season brings so many selections.

Now That’s What I call Disney 2 is now available with over 20 classic Disney Favorites. Tracks include What’s This? from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, When Will My Life Begin from “Tangled” plus many more! You can download on iTunes or purchase in stores.

With the new popular Disney animated feature “Frozen”, there is much to warm your heart. The film’s soundtrack which can be downloaded from iTunes or purchased in stores features a songs such as Let It Go.  Mr. DAPs did a great review of the soundtrack and you can click here to read it. Also, who could forget Olaf the snowman? Ever so charming, this 18 inch version of Olaf is sure to give warm hugs all day. You can get it here from the Disney Store.

Frozen Soundtrack 18 inch Olaf Plush

Enjoy some hero team up? The Incredible Hulk and the every so savvy Iron Man join forces to defeat dangerous villains. “Zzzax” plots to destroy the planet but these two have other plans. Find out what happens when Marvel’s Iron Man & Hulk: Heros United smashes on shelves December 3.

Mary Poppins celebrates its 50th Anniversary with its release for the first time every on Blu-ray. Enjoy this timeless classic with many features such as sing along segments and a behind the scenes look at the upcoming film Saving Mr. Banks. In stores on December 10.

Johnny Depp and Arime Hammer team up in feature length film, The Lone Ranger. An action movie filled with gunfights and train chases tells the story of the famed masked legend. You’ll never know what kind of trouble these two will get into. Available on DVD December 17.

Need some more ideas for that cartoon enthusiast? Check out what Cartoon Network is giving viewers this holiday season. Full seasons for some major enjoyment.

Adventure Time: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray or DVD)

Adventure Time: The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray or DVD)

Regular Show: The Complete First and Second Season (Blu-ray or DVD)

Adventure Time: Jake the Dad (DVD with exclusive Jake Hat)

A gift that keeps on giving is a  D23 membership. Each membership includes year round Disney news with access to members only pages online, exclusive merchandise and discounts on D23 events. Two different types of membership are available; Sliver ($34.99) and Gold ($74.99). Each level has different levels of exclusive content. Be sure to check them out at www.D23.com.

Marvel has many super gift ideas. With a variety of items such as games, comics, toys and much more, there is sure something for everyone. Check out the “Marvel Unlimited Plus”, which includes a years worth of access to a large digital archive of over 15,000 comics for $99.99.  They will also receive in this package an exclusive Age of Ultron #10 comic book. Another gift idea is the “Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One: Avengers Assembled Collection.” This action packed set includes the first six of Marvel Studios films all on Blu-ray DVD at $199.99. One more option is the Age of Ultron hardcover. This book by Brain Micheal Bendis and illustrations by an all-star selection is full of action, only $75.00. Also be sure to look the many other options at Marvel’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

Age of Ultron Hardcover Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One Marvel Unlimited Plus

Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park has also stocked the shelves with many car themed goodies. They have an adorable plush snow car at Radiator Curios. Also, they have  awesome name plate key chain. Many more gift ideas are rolling into Cars Land this holiday season.

Plush Snow Car

The Disney Store has plenty of gift items for all ages. Also throughout this holiday season, keep a close watch to see if there are any holiday specials going on. If there is a sale, their website will usually list a promo code. If you need any stocking stuffers,  there are plenty of options. Any thing from cozy Jack Skellington socks to Vinylmation Jingle Smells.  If someone you know is a huge fan of decorating their house with anything Disney, there is a large variety of home goods. Mickey Mouse themed tea sets and a Mickey aprons  that are personalizable , are great ways to show off their Disney Side.  Are they a fan of Disney clothing? Find some of their favorite Disney characters on all types of apparel  for both adults and kids. From superheros to princesses, they have it all. Don’t forget the toys! Check out the Disney Animator’s Doll collection or the Cars 16 pack of die cast gift set. If you are looking for something more unique, shop through the personalizable section of the site. There are  many options of characters to from as well as the types of products you wish to customize.

Mickey Mouse Tea Set Cars 16 Pack Die Cast Set







Lastly, if all hope is lost or you are not sure on what to get, why not check out the Disney gift cards? Recently, Disney released a limited edition pin and gift card combo. Select from cards with the characters of Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, each with matching pins. Each type of  this gift card starts at $75.00. There are also a large variety of other gift card selections  and prices to choose from on the Disney Gift Card website.


Happy Holidays!