2013 Disney Stories Countdown #1: Disney Infinity

It all comes down to this!  The top Disney story of 2013!  Here it is!  Disney Infinity!  What?  Why Disney Infinity?

I know it could seem like the odd choice of all Disney stories, but this is the little game that could.  A lot was riding on this game’s success.  Disney Interactive went into a $16 million profit because of the game, which is remarkable considering that over the years there has been $76 million in losses for the department (all according to other sources).  It has been a big hit and a lot of fun.  It’s a unique game, though taken off of Skylanders’ style games.  It’s creative and entertaining.  It reaches out to Disney fans and young gamers.  I’ve been to stores buying game discs only to see other adults trying to get their hands on power discs and other accessories as well.  When I went to the Expo, I knew they would hand out something exclusive for the game.  My thought was “Eh…I probably won’t get the game ever, so why bother waiting to get my hands on something exclusive?”  Boy, am I kicking myself for thinking that!

Check out our coverage below!  Happy New Year all, and definitely voice in on what stood out in 2013 for you!  And, until next year, have a marvelous day!

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