The Last Day of the All American College Band 2013

Today was a fun and, yet, sad occasion at the Disneyland Resort.  It was the last day of the All American College Band of 2013.  I got to witness a few of their last sets.  And, having seen them since the beginning of the summer, it was a treat to end the summer with this group of talented musicians.

This group of students was a pretty fun group as evident by their practical joke during the start of one of their last medleys.  Besides having a good time with the songs, I think this was a talented and focused class of musicians.  They were good at the beginning of the summer, but have become great by the end!  I wish that they could stay around for longer.  But, it makes me look forward to next summer, though it’ll be a fresh batch of students.

I got to listen in on a few songs at their set at Big Thunder Jamboree.  This set, throughout the summer, has been a big band jazz production.  The drummers picked up piano, drum set, and percussion instead of the usual marching percussion instruments (sorry for non-technical terms, I was never in band).  After the jazz set it was off to the castle for the Disney medleys.  This set is always a treat because of the “roles” some band members play for select songs.

Last, but not least, is the set in front of the train station.  This is always my personal favorite.  Ron McGurdy, the long running director of the band, pointed out that old timer Annual Passholders enjoy this set.  He’s right.  Two medleys are performed: a Michael Jackson medley and a salute to Earth, Wind, and Fire.  This is where the players shine, and this final set was no exception.  It was full of mischief, fun, and great music.  Each student was spot on for each medley.  It was beautiful and fantastic.

Farewell All American College Band 2013!  Thanks for the memories.
And, until next time, have a marvelous day.
(Check our YouTube channel soon for video)


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