DAPs Magic Disney News – by Mr. DAPs


A mini spin-off is in the works for ABC’s hit television show, Once Upon a Time. The project entitled, Once: Wonderland, will be a smaller spinoff that is designed to have a beginning, middle and an end as opposed to some shows that run indefinitely until the ratings or stories run out. However, if it were to be a hit, the door has been left open for a bigger future for this show.

The cast list has been coming together with Sophie Lowe playing Alice, Michael Socha as the Knave of Hearts, and Peter Gadiot will be playing Cyrus, Alice’s love interest. It is unknown at this time if Sebastian Stan will be returning as the Mad Hatter or if Barbara Hershey will be the Queen of Hearts.

Once: Wonderland will take place in the pre-curse world as known in Once Upon a Time. In it, Alice will be a young girl who has had a hard life that has left her emotionally scarred. Despite these scars, she still has a generous heart that she does try to protect. Cyrus will be her love interest with the mysterious background.