Finding Nemo – Blu-Ray Review by Mr. DAPs

DAPs Magic Disney News – by Mr. DAPs 

It’s every parent’s nightmare. They take their kid to school and something happens which causes him or her to be lost. Now, let’s add the fact that this is the last of hundreds of kids you have left after losing the rest and your wife to a horrible tragedy. That’s the set up for Finding Nemo. This Pixar favorite of many is now available on blu-ray in both 2D and 3D formats.

Picture and Sound:

Nemo looks better than before. I was one of the few in the world I think that didn’t see this on the big screen. I’ve only known the level of quality that could be released for at home viewing.  Honestly, I thought previous releases looked and sounded great. However, they just keep improving things! The sound was absolutely gorgeous as well. It is completely immersive.

Bonus Features:

There were a healthy collection of bonus features included with Finding Nemo. Most of these were previously released but some of them have been modified and improved for better production value. Here’s what was included:

  • Kick Knack – that Pixar short about the snowman.
  • Aquarium – Turn your television into a high definition aquarium.
  • CineExplore – A new form of audio commentary with artwork and videos included as you watch. It is sort of like second screen.
  • Finding Nemo – A Filmmakers’ Roundtable – Andrew Stanton is joined by some of his team and talk about this flick ten years later.
  • Reinventing the Submarine Voyage – A look at the submarine ride at Disneyland and how Finding Nemo was incorporated into it when it was updated.
  • Deleted Scene – Alternate Opening – Andrew Stanton shows the original opening to Finding Nemo.
  • A Lesson in Flashbacks – Andrew Stanton talks about how and why he avoided flashbacks in Finding Nemo.
  • Aquariums – Six different HD aquariums to use on your television.
  • Art Review – Concept art is shared and design is discussed by a few design artists.
  • Making Nemo – A look at how this film was made.
  • Exploring the Reef –  Jean-Michel Cousteau tries to create a documentary about reefs..but is interrupted by some of the cast of Finding Nemo.
  • Studio Tour – A quick tour of Pixar Studios.
  • Old School – A look at several different elements surrounding the filmmaking process with Andrew Stanton. From the pitch to a tribute for an animator who died during production, this has a bunch of little things that happen during the making of a film.
  • Outtakes – Four scenes from the recording studios during the filming of Finding Nemo.
  • Deleted Scenes – About seven deleted scenes in a various stages of rough animation.
  • Publicity Pieces – A look at some of the publicity campaign for Finding Nemo.
  • Mr. Ray’s Encyclopedia – A fun look at the animals found in Finding Nemo.


Finding Nemo has travelled such a long way since originally being released. He can now be found in a musical and also in 3D. This is a brand that has become synonymous with quality. Pixar has always had that reputation but Finding Nemo in particular is near the top of the heap in this category. It really is fun to watch again after seeing Finding Nemo: The Musical at Walt Disney World. There are a few intense moments for really little kids but in general this is a wonderful family friendly movie. My only complaint is that it does get a little long for me at times. However, a hearty hat tip to Finding Nemo. This is one for the collection!