Closing time at Disneyland – Weekly Photo Update with Jay! 11-28-12

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Closing time for the guests, picture time for me!

This week I enjoyed my day at the DisneylandResort and decided to stay later than usual. Closing time is midnight, but I managed to stick around until around 1:30am, for pictures of course! Being an annual passholder that only lives 30 minutes away, I have the privilege of being able to go later in the day, and stay as late as I want. I love taking advantage of this because staying until past closing time, there are many opportunities for picture taking with no people around to get in the way!

These were all taken with my Sony A-33 camera and some with my extra 1.8 lens. No tripod because honestly I don’t like carrying it around all day… but maybe one day I’ll dedicate my entire visit to pictures and I’ll take my tripod!

Here are a few of my closing time shots.


My buddy, Josh, had the clever idea of starting off in the back of the park and make our way down to Main Street U.S.A.
It was great because I never really noticed all the detail and lights that are used to decorate not only the facade, but the trees and shrubs all around this area. It is really one of my favorites spots during the holidays!
Although we all may think that this is the backside of the castle, many say that this is actually the front! Supposedly, Walt Disney intended for this to be the front side. Then again, others say it is only a rumor? Either way, this view isn’t promoted enough, and I think it’s great!


The Hub. I like to consider it the “heart” of Disneyland because from this point, one can choose any direction to go and they will wind up in a different land. Tomorrowland, Frontierland, Adventureland, or Fantasyland. It is even more special at Christmas time because the icicles on the castle really bring an extra hint of magic.
Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse look over at the twinkling lights on the Main Street Christmas Tree.
My favorite decorations on Main Street U.S.A. are definitely the Mickey shaped garlands. Every year I look forward to seeing them, and every night I gaze at the lights on Main Street.
Something I always love to do is stay until Main Street is completely empty. It makes me feel like I have the entire park to myself!
The forced perspective on Main Street work even better during Christmas because the garlands seem to be getting farther and farther all the way up to Sleeping Beauty Castle.
As security slowly pushes us out of the park, we finally arrive in Town Square. During the day, it is often passed by the guests as they make their way to all the attractions. However, Main Street U.S.A. is incredibly detailed and beautiful. More people should take the time to appreciate its tranquility and beauty.


After a long day at Disneyland, Main Street Train Station is the last thing a guest sees. Although it only makes me want to go back in for more! At least there’s always a next time!


Thank you for reading my update this week! See you next time!

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  1. Love these shots jaysquivel ! Would you share how you took these shots as well? Did you use a tripod or were these freehand? They look great!

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